10 good old movies that are worth seeing with children

Soviet cinema has given us not only a lot of great "adult" pictures, but good, honest stories for children. Time goes by, and the plot is still not lost its relevance.

Website invites you to enjoy the best movies of the Soviet era and relive fond memories with your children. Happy viewing!

The Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors (1963) h3>

Once there was a naughty girl Olga, who did not listen to my mom and dad was lazy and sloppy. Once, when he saw himself from the outside, she got into a magical world through the mirror, where she met with her reflection, a girl named Yalo, and ended up in the maelstrom of adventure. In the fairy-tale world heroine to show courage and bravery, but in the end is good, like in any good fairy tale, of course, will conquer evil.

Welcome, or No
Trespassing (1964) h3>

Summer, heat, holiday, children's camp - warming soul memories flooding back necessarily when watching this remarkable film. Kostik Inochkin - inveterate bully, who was expelled from the summer camp for leprosy and sent home. In order not to upset his grandmother, he secretly returned to the camp, where he helped hide loyal friends and comrades. The film gave us a lot of aphorisms, and to see it is at least in order to feel the spirit of the Soviet childhood.

Jack Frost (1964) h3>

A screen adaptation of the fairy tale "Jack Frost" the famous film director Alexander Row - a popularly beloved, kind story of Nastya, who by the will of a wicked stepmother had to leave in the freezing woods. Good actors, among them Natalia Sedykh, Inna Churikov, George Millyar, conveys the atmosphere of this winter fairy tale.

About the Little Red Riding Hood (1977) h3>

Movie musical in two parts about the adventures of Little Red Riding Hood in this year marks 38 years, but he still looks happy. There is no absolute villains, and even full-grown wolf seems to be a little kinder. Cheerful and sincere picture does not leave anyone indifferent, and only by a smile of the protagonist played by Yana Poplavskaya warms the soul.

Cinderella (1947) h3>

The plot is well-known fairy-tale motif of hardworking Cinderella, the wicked stepmother, her lazy daughter and fairy-patron. Beautiful music, wonderful actors - a real masterpiece! In 2009, the picture is completely restored and made color.

The Adventures of Electronics (1979) h3>

The story of the schoolboy Sergei Syroezhkin who learns that he has a twin. Here and begin Adventures guys who immediately become best friends. This mini-series is rightly takes pride of place in the golden fund of Soviet cinema.

The Adventures of Petrov and Vasechkina,
ordinary and extraordinary (1984) h3>

This wonderful story about the adventures of two students 3 Class Vasya Petrov and Petya Vasechkina viewers could not see: first, the film was censored under tight for ideological reasons, but later the director still managed to achieve the release of pictures on the screen. The film instantly fell in love with Soviet schoolchildren, and later received a sequel in the form of two-part painting "Vacation of Petrov and Vasechkina, ordinary and extraordinary».

The Tale of Lost Time (1964) h3>

In the story of four evil magician decided to regain his youth, and for that they needed a few young idlers who spent their time aimlessly. So third-grader Peter Zubov and his friends have become old, but magicians - in schoolchildren. The tale will appeal not only to children but also for adults who want to stay children.

The Adventures of Pinocchio (1975) h3>

The story of the golden key and Pinocchio knows everything from small to large, and the film adaptation is one of the favorite tales of childhood. Heroes are excellent and sing good songs, and they just wanted to sing. As with adult actors, the young performers of the roles in this film wonderfully done your job perfectly and convey the image of characters.

Mary Poppins, Goodbye (1983) h3>

Banks family life is transformed after visiting their home a new nanny - Mary Poppins. She's strict, but at the same time, a good and a little witch. A wonderful musical Soviet cinema with lots of delightful songs of the composer Maxim Dunayevsky. It will surely make you and your children to believe in magic.

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