17 dialogues charged Odessa cheerfulness

Nowhere in the world do not speak the way they do in Odessa. Community residents of this beautiful sunny city is not subject to any rules, but there's always a place for optimism!

Website does not get tired to admire the stunning ability of these people to converse.

- Haim, imagine how hard for me to live. After my wife was previously married to a millionaire!
- I'm worse. My guess is that she is now married to a millionaire ... Announcement in Odessa hospital:
"No money? Be Healthy! » Money is not happiness! But, as a Jew: "With the money I can afford to be unhappy anywhere, with anyone, anytime». - Senya, do not dare to give the baby cake! He's allergic to milk, eggs and wheat flour!
- But he has the same birthday!
- Give him a candle!
In Odessa, no matter how you go into the bus, it was full of people. People go to work, people go to work ... When the work - is unclear.

Rose won at Fima large sum of money and not to give, to marry him. - Monya, dear, before the wedding, I want to acknowledge the same in all their sins!
- A sin ?! I beg you, you admitted a week ago!
- This latest data ... The mother sends Jewish youths to the army:
- Sёmochka, tell me where you write! The troops? In the infantry?
- Oh, Mom, write immediately captured! We ask Abram school:
- Kakaya fopma have Zemli?
- Kpyglaya.
- A HOW IT'S dokazat?
- Pyct will be played kvadpatnaya I DO NOT nactaivayu.

- Sarochka say vie ride to the resort and have a whirlwind romance there?
- Oh, I beg you ... Where is it rough when all the money hidden in her bra? - Rabinovich! Borrow ruble!
- Oh, I can not! Neto with!
- At home?
- At home? Your prayers, all is well at home! The husband does not sleep at night, tossing and turning. The wife asks:
- What happened?
- Haemu owed five hundred rubles, and have nothing to give.
My wife gets up, unlocks the window and shouts:
- Hai! Hai!
- What, Sarah?
- You should Abram five hundred rubles?
- I have to.
- Well, he will not give them to you.
- Sleep well. Suppose now that he was not asleep.

Semen Markovich visited the mother in law in the hospital and returned home.
- How's Mom?
- Healthy as an ox, going out of the hospital and to live with us.
- A doctor told me yesterday that she left to live for several days.
- I do not know, Rose, that he told you, and I said, Schaub was preparing for the worst! on preview: polyvore

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