14 great facts about our favorite movies

Very often the most interesting behind the scenes or slipping out of sight in a stream of intense action on the screen. The site has collected facts, after which definitely want to reconsider your favorite films. At this time more carefully.

DeLorean was a fridge h3>

1. DeLorean time machine from the movie "Back to the Future" was the original idea refrigerator. The idea of ​​the script was replaced for the safety of children who would get into the refrigerator, in imitation of the actors of the film.

2. Jim Carrey turned down an offer to play the film studio Walt Disney Jack Sparrow in "Pirates of the Caribbean". It was initially represented by its producers as captain of the Black Pearl.

3. Christopher Lee (Saruman) - the only actor of all members of the trilogy "The Lord of the Rings," which Tolkien read all the books before the moment when it was cast. Initially, the actor planned to play the wizard Gandalf the Grey.

Chewbacca - from the Russian "dog» h3>

4. Appearance Chewbacca from the movie "Star Wars" is copied from the exterior beloved dog filmmaker George Lucas. Chewbacca and the name was coined by the Russian word "dog».

5. to the character look more realistic, Arnold Schwarzenegger did not blink in the frame of the film "Terminator" because he thought that robots do not blink. He also wanted to personally duplicate their role in German. But distributors felt his Austrian accent is too soft for the harsh Terminator.

6. In the early 1990s, James Cameron himself actively interested in the project of the film "Spider-Man." Charlie Sheen had to play Peter Parker, and Arnold Schwarzenegger - Doctor Octopus. But the project did not come true because the rights to the film is constantly moved from one studio to another.

In the film, Sam Raimi, who we have seen, nothing remains of the ideas proposed by Cameron.

The frame got real blood h3>

7. During filming westerns "Django Unchained" Leonardo DiCaprio struggled repeatedly struck his hand on the table. The actor broke with all his crystal goblet, but continued to play, ignoring the pain and the blood dripping from his hands, so he got used to the role. In the frame of this scene it looks very natural, and it seems that this is another idea to the director.

8. Steven Spielberg traditionally comes to shooting the final scenes of his films. This tradition began with the film "Jaws": the director was sure that the actors have conspired to throw him into the water after the command "Cut!" And chose to sit in a trailer.

9. Ian Fleming - author of the novel on the steep spy - fond of birdwatching and once read a book by an ornithologist named James Bond. That name seemed to him very mundane, unromantic and perfectly suitable for the hero. That's why in the movie "Die Another Day" in the guise of an ornithologist James gets to Cuba, having your book that most of this Bond.

Hitchcock can be seen in all his films h3>

10. Alfred Hitchcock loved shooting in episodic frames of his films. In the movie "To Catch a Thief," for example, he goes on a bus near the main hero. And once, when the plot was impossible to light a director of any one frame (the film takes place in the ocean where the boat sails only one main character), Hitchcock came up with a stroke of genius: in a frame near the boat "sailed" a newspaper with a photo of the director.

11. In the comedy "Bruce Almighty," God could call 776-23-23. In Buffalo, where the action of the film, the film company bought the number for the shooting. But in other cities, the owners of these numbers received hundreds of calls a day from viewers who wanted to talk to "the Almighty».
Cat for the role in the film "The Godfather" Marlon Brando himself accidentally picked up on a street next to the film set.

12. in the closing credits of the film "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" is the remark: "None of the dragon during the filming did not suffer».

For the filming of "Titanic" have built a huge new studio h3>

13. For the filming of "Titanic" in Mexico on the coast built a completely new studio. The huge pool was built the layout of the ship 231 meters long, which is only 34 meters short of the liner. The filming was done with a 50-meter crane mounted on rails.

14. Frames underwater filming took only 12 minutes, but in order to get them, the filmmakers had to go down to a depth of 12 times and be under water for several hours.

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