The fact that he made from the stump, inspiring. Magnificent and functional idea for the living room.

In stores you can find a large number of coffee tables. They often resemble large boxes and are not very original design. But if you possess a rich imagination, then you may have something more than just a support for books and TV remote. One man decided to use a regular stump and metal rods to create the table. That's what he got.

He carved wooden plate from the stump.

I buffed it to the surface was smooth.


When it came time to make the frame, he used metal rods.

He cooked them together.

It turned out good.

That's where the fun begins ...

This is where you want to have a wooden stove, but it is not top of the table, you probably thought.

That is the height of the table.

He attached a wooden stove in the middle of ...

I turned the table.


It looks amazing!

If you're wondering how to make a coffee table from beginning to end, to display more detail in the video.

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It's incredible. Some perceive the stump as an ordinary piece of wood, while others will make of it a functional work of art. Share with your friends this delicious idea!



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