The first virtual car wash ... just for the M-Class

The Internet has opened the first car wash SUV "Mercedes-Benz" M-Class. The new project has been developed by creative agency Victory SAVirtualnaya car wash - this exclusive entertainment for the users and the ability to take part in updating the M-Class. The idea is simple: to show how powerful SUV turns into a glittering city car, that is to show the versatility of the M-Class. When creating the project were taken into account all the characteristics of the brand premium, so the virtual carwash to get a really luxurious, as does the M-Class.

Virtual washing has become the perfect embodiment of the concept of the M-Class ON / OFF ROAD: There is a road, no road - all the same. It does not matter that you had a great weekend in the country, and dirt on the SUV - a clear confirmation (OFF). Suffice luxurious wash, then to carry out different weekdays in the city (ON).

The video site can not only watch updating luxury cars, but also to admire the girls who give a special piquancy to the cleaning process. In the role of charming "moyschits" made the best GO-GO dancers of the famous Moscow clubs. Visitor virtual wash can decide for himself how to start updating the details - from the trunk or engine. As the updated SUV, the user learns about all the benefits of a luxury car and see how the new, gleaming M-Class goes to the city.



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