Paul McCartney played the mandolin in a new video iPod

Apple has released a new video campaign iPod + iTunes, in addition to promoting player and online music store new album Sir Paul McCartney.

With each roller Apple slightly shifts the concept of the "Silhouette": in Latin video «Mi Swing Es Tropical», released in May, one-color background has been changed to a riot of colors Caribbean, then in the movie «Dance Tonight» to color animated background added that, Sir Paul does not silhouette, but quite ordinary, a little "processed" person.

Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO: «Paul McCartney - one of the greatest musicians of all time, and we are very excited to offer his first album distributed via digital channels iTunes»

Paul McCartney: «'Memory Almost Full' - a very personal album for me, and I was a little worried, offering fans appreciate it, receiving it in a new way. And there is no better time to make this music available through iTunes ».



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