The updated line of iPod music players

Apple has updated the whole range of serious players iPod, presenting just three new items. iPod Shuffle - the smallest in the family of iPod. "Kid" back button, which disappeared in the last generation of iPods. Steve Jobs explained that this was done at the request of users. The choice of 5 color options granted, and the amount of memory one - 2GB. Hours Shuffle is updated 15 hours. The price in the United States - $ 49. "The averageĀ» iPod Nano has undergone the most radical changes than unspeakably surprised the audience. The player has received high resolution display as the iPhone 4 Retina, clip and is now controlled by a multitouch. Its size is almost half began. According to Jobs, the target audience Shuffle and Nano are people leading an active lifestyle, so the gadget includes clip for mounting on sportswear. Working time is 24 hours. The new line of Apple iPod Nano will be presented two models with a storage capacity of 8 and 16 GB for $ 149 and $ 179 respectively. "Senior" member of the family gained iPod Touch screen Retina, the new processor A4, three-axis gyroscope, and most importantly - it appeared two cameras: one for shooting HD-video, the other - for video calls FaceTime between the owners of iPod Touch and iPhone. Compared with the previous generation, Touch noticeably "thin", and he increased the life of the battery up to 40 hours. Prices in the United States for the novelty, the following: 8GB - $ 229, 32GB - $ 299, 64GB - $ 399.


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