Australian Bank advertised a blockbuster with car chases

Australian director Paul Middleditch, who shot the famous movie «Big Ad» Beer Carlton Draught, presented dramatic dynamic pursuit in the best tradition of Hollywood. Such banking advertising we have not seen. Division ANZ Small Business has launched a campaign aimed at attracting the attention of those who want to start their own small business, but heard about the financial problems and the indifference of the banking system and therefore is afraid to go into an adventure.

Before M & C Saatchi has been tasked to convince future businessmen that ANZ Small Business is always ready to help. Australian creatives went known by the "bottom up". First they - over one and a half minutes - in detail, and exaggerated pictorial told that the problem of the relationship of banks to small business really is.

In the video, more like a movie, a bank clerk at breakneck speed, demonstrating the excellent stunt training, away from the whole crowd of angry businessmen.

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  • August 21, 2009
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