Calendar Sberbank made of the elements of banknotes

Like last year, the Savings Bank has set a simple goal - to make a calendar that does not get tired during the 12 months. About Casey tells Agency Fastway, who invented and implemented the project:

- The idea, as we initially thought was pretty simple - portray the calendar money. Money in the bank's promotional products - original, is not it?

We took the 12 currencies that are accepted for exchange in the Savings Bank, and of the elements of banknotes of various denominations began to create stories that have to impose a calendar that can be put in the gift bag.

Already in the process, watching the different denominations, we realized that, as always happens with calendars, not everything is so simple. Then we thought it would be nice to initially bind fee for the work to the amount of used banknotes.

«mixed up in a bunch of horses, people" - it is about this calendar. Most fortunate currencies, where there are people, horses, birds and plavstredstva. Properly mixing of two months working on the weekends, you can achieve quite a tolerable story than we have been doing together with illustrator Ruslan Baranauskas.

Do you know what the advantage of Adobe Photoshop CS3 on a version of CS4? CS4 gave no open files scanned money, but only CS3 predupredzheniya deduced that "it is, they say, money, my friend, you're going to do with them?" So use CS3, if you want to be a counterfeiter.

When working with so much money even machinery is faltering. Our scanner, five years served us faithfully, was convicted of attempted theft of 100 Swiss francs. But while rents machinery, people remain as strong as brass.

Almost every page of the calendar, there are elements that can not be found on the banknotes. This comic book heroes, legendary creatures, items, time travel. For a careful review of each page, click on it to enlarge (ah, if this method has worked in real life).

January. DKK. The Danish government has long wanted to make one of the bills lion drinking "Kalsberg." But Parliament has consistently claimed that decision. We were bolder. Em>

February. Canadian dollar. The immediacy of illustrations allowed the blind element of the currency of the winter holiday, which looked even Bigfoot. em>

in March. European euro. Hardness and liquidity of the euro is offset by its boring "skazhdoystranypomostu" subjects. em>

in April. Rubles. So could vygdyadet bill nominal value of 6660 rubles (the sum of all Russian banknotes). The aliens are waiting for permission to land, and beyond the control of the march. Em>

in May. Pound. Of course, the queen in the first place. But Batman also keeps order in the British Empire. Em>

Yuan. Chinese iyuni. And where to hide nearly half a billion people? Em>

July. American dollars. All-seeing eye watching world order from the White House. Logo "McDonald's" with the facade of the building asked the customer to remove. Em>

August. Czech crown. "A beautiful woman saves the lack of plot." em>

September. Norwegian crowns so boring that just want to play their cards. Em>

in October. Swedish krona. "Quiet evening in Stockholm." Nils flies with wild geese away from the lion, gathered to dine. Em> November. Hryvnia. "Kievan Rus». Em>

December. Swiss franc. The independence of the Swiss has won all world currencies - the more unusual the money is hard to come up with. The result is a crazy city. Em>

And, yes, among other things, our task was to make sure that people definitely reacted to the calendar of deep philosophical phrase "Damn, can I have this too?»

Idea, design - fastway: ideas that rock!
Project coordinators: Vassily Gubin, Ilya Soloviev.
Art Director Alex Lawrence.
Designer Maxim Tuzhakaev.
Collages: Ruslan Baranauskas, Maxim Tuzhakaev, Alex Lawrence.



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