Steam advertising McDonald's

Agency Leo Burnett Puerto Rico used the steam from the grill in advertising the new Angus Burger. Not long ago, the Canadian agency Cossette (Vancouver) to the steam bus ads for free coffee for breakfast at McDonald's. Creators of the Puerto Rican Leo Burnett picked up the idea and came up with a way to showcase the new burger smoke on the roof of the restaurant fast food.

Unfortunately, the new burger, or rather its light image, can be seen in the clouds of steam from the grill only in the dark, but he could still smell it.

Slogan: Smells good, it tastes even better.

Earlier, the Canadian creators of the agency Cossette (Vancouver) invented steam ad for free coffee for breakfast at McDonald's.

In advertising design at the bus stop we have built a mechanism that simulates the steam from the cup of hot coffee. Clouds of steam makes visible the inscription on the glass, "Your free coffee ready. Get a free small coffee during breakfast at McDonald's ».

The most famous in the world of fast-food chain McDonald's will not give preference to a certain style in its advertising - too wide audience, to handle always about the same tone. They have advertising, which affects especially on awakening the appetite, there is a funny and stupid, there is absolutely crazy, there are very serious. Dwell on something one simply does not make sense. But it is possible to state with absolute certainty that McDonald's prefers a very unusual outdoor advertising. Almost every Cannes Lions another creative solution into an outdoor gets a well-deserved award, and does not always work the same agency. Luxury findings in outdoor advertising for McDonald's doing in the States, Canada, Sweden, New Zealand and several other countries.

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