Secrecy or beef patties for McDonald's

Probably, as there are fast food, so many passions run high about his health hazard. On TV more than once showed "exposing" the transmission, written more than a dozen books and thousands of articles on the subject.
In turn, representatives of the fast food chains are trying in every way to be rehabilitated by introducing a menu of salads, yogurt and fruit. Publish data on the number of calories and convince their innocence wonderful hamburgers. But recent years have increasingly invites journalists and bloggers on production, so they personally made sure that their buns are the best in the world, and cutlets nothing but 100% no meat.

Tour of the Italian company MARR RUSSIA (in the people - Marussia), which produces 100% all beef patties for McDonald's restaurants in Russia. MARR RUSSIA - an independent Italian company that supplies a huge variety of products in the fast-food chains, hotels and restaurants Russia. For McDonald's, they make everything from beef patties for Russian restaurants. Their currently about 251 and they work almost 25 000 people. Farthest - Tyumen and all the cities east until "omakdacheny." The world's largest McDonald's, until recently, was a restaurant on Pushkin in Moscow. Now it is Europe's largest and most visited in the world in 118 countries, where there is a fast food giant. In Russia the day McDuck is visited by about 900,000 people. One of the main features of the Russian market - the lack of a franchise to open a restaurant. All snacks are directly owned by the company. In most other countries to open a McDonald's franchise can. We have the same management company fears that the level of service may fall, but the quality will be difficult to control. Central office, where coming up with recipes, located in Munich. In Russia, a huge number of McDonald's suppliers that make them different plants burgers, bread, sauces, grow vegetables, etc. Marine products come from Norway, potato varieties Santana and Innovator - from Poland (supply of 50 thousand tons per year). All this goes to a restaurant and combine the ingredients ... "Free Cash!". Security measures here as at a nuclear facility. Everywhere people in suits on the meat itself can be viewed only through the bulletproof glass at gunpoint laser beams.

Before entering the production staff remove all decorations and put in a special mini-safes. When you think about, now see the place where the produce makdachnye burgers all over the country, imagine the giant halls with dozens of tapes of running with thousands of semi-finished products. In fact, everything was much more modest than imagined. Everything happens in two main halls. In the first room there are two main installation. One - for the production of minced meat. On two tapes served meat: the first - fresh, made in Russia, for the second - frozen, foreign.

Our meat is very lean cows low-fat (about 8%). Therefore, until the required prescription cutlets 20% fat it is brought foreign, more fat meat. 70% of the meat and 30% bulls - cows. By the way, precisely because of the lean meat, the South Americans think our hamburgers tasteless. And we believe their burgers too smelly for the opposite reason :)


By doing these two tapes, meat is ground and connected into a homogeneous mass in the proportion of 50 \ 50. Here it is waiting for the finished sausage meat inspector.


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