Do good and flee

The most interesting examples of folk art in the past mesyats.Obychnye ads are written by hand or printed out ordinary people, can become a source of inspiration and good mood.

We live in a very funny, in the most tragicomic country in the world. In which, in order not to go to the roof and to maintain an ironic view of things, sometimes you have to create a funny reality of their own. Ads that every month we collect online, written by the most ordinary people for the most usual situations.

And they hoot, because they, too scary.

It is not caught and stuffed face.

Extremely clear.

Deep look.

Pity the wires, of course.

Captain Obvious is not asleep.

Unwittingly imbued with sympathy.

Another I understood.


And who is now easy?

Although very much like to.

Joke brought employees of the observatory.

With care about the customer.

The most dangerous place for children.

Merc dispute on the fence.

If that - they spend courses on knocking.


Lucy something much annoy the author.

Excellent social sphere.

And this, too.

Foresters know a lot about omens.

Everyone would be so.

Solving the problem of parking.

In many live entrances sorcerers ...

and the followers of black magic.

Or give birth to two.

Furious mother tiger worse.

And his eyes are good-good.

It did not help.

A very useful lift.

Call a spade a spade.


But suddenly ?!

Accuracy - the politeness kioskersh.

An effective fight against smoking.

Cultural communal happen!


What? Useful.

Do not forget the commas.

And why should they serve camels?

Dawit pity.

That's the reason for the release of housing.

And this is important.

Friendliness of our fiscal knows no boundaries.

Then, too, all the routes cancel.

Communication with the utilities in all available languages.

"When shelling this side of the street is most dangerous».

Yogurt and kefir is also impossible.

Bucket Ranetok !!!

For those who did not bring the toilet compass.

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There is not nothing to fix

The January unconscious



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