30 ideas for the office

Flash card-Polenz, Lego-pilot, talkative clip and other fun stuff for the design work ofise.Kak Neskuchniy least a third of his life a person spends at work. For the majority of the office has become a second home, which also wants to arrange well, creating warmth and comfort. Also at the creative person and the home and the workplace have to be creative.

In what circumstances is born the world's best creative, site already showing in the reviews about the most interesting interiors of advertising agencies and headquarters brands. The following design things for the most part you can buy and diversify their office weekdays any manager of any link.

Balding set stikerov

Headphones "I can not hear you"

Notebook Lego

Multi-colored stickers-televizory


Stand stakana

Stapler Pakman


Dispenser koly

From Japan.


Designer skotch


The designer has transformed the familiar virtual character in real laptop bag.

Clips for kabeley

Tab "Help"

Bookmark looks as if the tiny creatures are stuck between the pages and asking for help.

Computer mouse "Point G»

Designer Andy Kurovets.

Mug hakera

Apple calendar

Plastic pipe is filled with real apples on the number of days in a month.


The designer Li Jianye.


Combining units of twins and triplets, you can collect the whole tree. Designer Eunsung Kwon.


Designers Lim Ruiwen & Yong Lin.

Paper records "sticky little leaves"

Designer Appree.

Flash card-polentse

See 30 witty flash drives in our dedicated article.

Work stol


Electronic length measure - a modern alternative to a simple ruler. Measured in centimeters, millimeters and inches, lines, curves, and even broken lines. We just need to properly configure the device by turning the base in the correct position.

Adhesive listochki

Lego pilot

Designers Cheng-Hsiu Du and Chyun-Chau Lin.

Fruit for zapisey

Adhesive sheets for recording design studio D-Bros issued in the form of juicy fruits notched. The grid, like the one that sells the real fruit, packed with 150 leaves on a wooden stem.

Communicative skrepka

Paper clips in the form of dialogue "bubbles" as in the comics.

Mug with zatychkoy

If you store the cap in a secret place, your mug sure nobody can use it. Designer Efrat Gommeh.

Pencils with usami


Powered from USB-port.

Falling holder knig

Drumsticks sticks

"Anti-theft" bags for lunch

Print "Like"

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