You're a designer, you have to understand!

Ambiguous dialogue between clients and designers imagination and comments of customers. Very zhiznenno.Klient always right - this simple thought is considered axiomatic in many areas. But some customers as originally formulated their wishes to the designer in the letters and the terms of reference that stories about it is simply impossible not to share. Indeed, when the projects are completed, all the models put into print, clips removed, and the customers are happy, we can be a good laugh over the fact that almost destroyed the work.

< Website I gathered in this article actual letter and comments of customers.

Fantasy customer


The packaging of the tooth should be similar to the patchwork flower, I do not know how to explain ... well, such as the Earth from outer space!

Real sausages

With a name we have not decided yet. That's about the name: Online sausages, Das Sausages race, sausages in tights, real sausages.
This is our slogan. The same is not selected.
"If you're hungry, and an empty stomach cramped - our delicious sausage save you from hunger».
"You can not live without risk, blood sausage invigorate you.»

Kartavy woodpecker

I've heard you're doing album covers to custom?
Picture this.
Sam pattern: Cartoon animation. Forest.
Foreground: Should a large oak tree on the severed heads of African Americans.
There's an ax around Oak runs Woodpecker Woody Woodpecker, but he did not red hair and red, and blue belly, and black on it wearing a racist white cap. Runs of Freddy Krueger, a guy from the "Scream" and a vampire.
It's the cinema.
And fore: there are people in 3D-glasses and among them are four: one singeing pipe freaky and he drums sticks behind such bald in sportivkah, second, with the bass, smoking a pipe of the ignition, and the third with a guitar is a serious and this does not do anything, and the fourth with a microphone in her hand fell to his knees and began to laugh wildly and out of his mouth goes a little smoke.
Group Name: Kartavy Woodpecker
Album title: Until the end smoke.

Rainbow History

Urgently need a banner, ideally within an hour, like this: flying through the sky a cow, her wings like a plane or a seagull (think), she carries a bucket teeth with chocolates on the bucket says "yummy". Behind her flew two crocodiles and an ant with a predatory mouth. Ant let it be purple. Above all this rainbow, but with blended colors, and you can see the Eiffel Tower was given. And slogan underneath. To think that the approach to this topic, the picture was clear to all, and all at once we ran to the store.

out of politics

Do, please, 2 T-shirts Gift for our directors, the concept is very simple: on the shirt painted gipnozhaba in terms which easily !!! discern the features of Putin. Thanks!

Brutal MAZ

Long and hard vayaem site. Company offers MAZ.
Customer: "Your designer idiot ?! Why would you put a slider in the nap ... dorashenny licked pictures of cars ?! It's dirty MAZ who travel and transport gravel, crushed stone, etc. The designer you think? And let it to us for a day - let the ride with sweaty, dirty, brutal man on the machines, then understand which sites need to draw! And you can even to the back of the logo on the website of kangaroos jump? And make it fluffy, of the abdomen like to touch! »

DialogiKlient: Try to beat the bricks, play with form.
Designer form of brick - a box.
Customer: Can you think big? Outside? If not, we are not on the road with you then.
Designer: Good. You said that you are satisfied with the bricks. What exactly do not you like in shape - I just can not understand. The bricks must be in the form of bricks. If you need balls or pyramids - this is not the bricks.
Client: Think.

- Send me jpeg easier.
- Sent.
- I sent your file to the printer, they refuse to print - say very little.

Customer: I do not know what I want, let your designer try different options!
Manager: Work with the designer is 1500 rubles per hour.
Customer: Yes, you ohreneli! Prostitutes are cheaper!
Manager: That prostitutes different options and try!

Buyer: Our budget is $ 400, but we do not need anything complicated ... you used the program Autluk?
Designer: Yes, of course!
Buyer: Here we need a website with the same function, plus several improvements

Comments on one line
We can not write a TK - can you do? Well, what if it was written in the TOR, I could have written it in the heat of passion .. . Make changes under the new comments that have not yet been made public. Play around with the shape of a square. Really liked your idea of ​​a black man. And you can remove the black man? computer graphics cheer the boy. with the mother listened to music clips. It is not rushing. Have PEYRELEAU! Our company is very customer-oriented. We would like to in the header were men. A lot of. The only request - to people they do not have to be like ... Here is just a wonderful layout, font and beautiful illustration perfectly blended. And red so bright! But let's remove the picture all the letters of the same height and write in black and white background will let them. You do not understand! I sent a normal file, and the logo in dzhipege become a vector, it must chopsticks poke! We have four primary colors: a circle and a square! I need to draw on the banner state of turmoil on their faces and seemed to top them condescends inspiration in the form of a jar of our shoe polish in a series LUX. This wall paint in the color of the mirror, but that it reflects nothing. The concept we lack the creative design and the concept itself. I want you to use the logo in a rainbow of colors, except brown.

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