7 reasons why it is so hard to do something cool

article that nada slaps and make vzbodritsya.Statya businessman Reymara Tirado (Raymmar Tirado), which has a thirst for knowledge and never rests on its laurels. Website offers you to read it and then go and prove dude in fact, that he is wrong.

I'll tell you about what they do not teach.

That forces you to go beyond the ordinary existence. For example, to move away from their parents, quit a job, send all to hell and do anything.

The experience that you get in real life, far beyond our educational system. Such skills you can develop only if really find yourself. When you put everything on the card, or run into the possibility of failure. These skills will appear only if you risk everything in order to do something really cool. Those skills that you thought you already possess.

All I want to say in the game called "life" you have no chance. Why?

You are a little lost. Are you comfortable in your mediocrity, you do not even want to try.

Do you prefer to talk about what we need to learn a new language, rather than to teach it. You are more, "Having stayed" or maybe do the hard work tomorrow. You hate your job, but not ready to look for a new.

And while you're sitting here idly and do not want to try, I collect bugs, test yourself, to learn new.

When I play, I learn and change your path so that he always carried forward. This is the process of quenching metals: I pass through the fire, and take shape. Sword-shaped with sharp edges that will cut you to pieces if you do not make more efforts. Em> em>

you care about the opinions of others. You adapts to it. Because you are afraid of how the world sees you.

You think so, because I judge others: that other people have, in turn, to judge you. You no longer care about your stuff, what actions you have committed.

As long as you spend money on new clothes, cars, expensive food and parties in the bars, I was interested in him. And, while you're trying to tune out the world around us, I do so in order to adjust to the world of me.

I am confident will abandon all doubts and show the world present themselves. I'm immune to your opinion, I'm surrounded by ideas; until you get used to the ordinary, I explore unusual. em> em>

Do you consider yourself smarter than you really are. In fact, you have done everything the same as the other. You are taught the same thing, that they have read and all the same. But, if you learn to pass the test, you think so you become smarter?

Knowledge is not that what you learn and how you live.

If necessary, I can pass the test. And if you can cope with the challenges that life puts in front of me? The tests, which are measured not point scale and not as a percentage, and a single evaluation: survival. Em> em>

You do not read. You are viewing only what should, or nothing at all. You think history is boring, and philosophy - dull. You better watch TV shows than discover something new than try to understand the thoughts of another person in an attempt to better understand the world around us.

You refuse to admit that the whole force of the world is hidden in the words of those who lived before us.

All you need to, you can find a huge number of books, which are now more affordable than ever. And you do not read this article. Most likely, those who have read it, it's all already know. You can take a horse to water but you can not make it drink. Em> em>

You are not curious. Because you learn the news from the state-controlled media, which they copy each other. Because you do not take the trouble to ask yourself a simple question: "What if it's all a lie?" - And avoid the possibility that the way it is. Direct obligation of the media - distract you from the most important.

I have a thirst for knowledge, regardless of the topic.

While you are busy playing Angry Birds, I read about string theory and quantum mechanics.

Because on their own arguments I will look from different perspectives and to seek their vulnerability. To understand how you can contradict me.

I understand both sides of the dispute, and if I take your side and begin to argue for you, the victory will be mine. Even if I just won you in this very dispute. Em> em>

You do not ask a question. You do not doubt the authority. And do not ask myself.

You do not understand the meaning of the right to ask a question of respectful disagreement and the possibility to defend their views in front of those who disagree with you. You do not ask questions about the reality - too busy with survival in this monotony.

We need to structure your questions to this world. em> em>

really infuriates you. to accept the fact that you really do not know anything. Perhaps you already infuriates this article. Article on the Internet will not reimburse you the time of life that you wasted.

You live, proudly raised his head, is not interested in what is happening around. Blissfully unaware of the reality that is so close to you that if you lean out the language, you will feel as though palatable.

And then you realize that the only thing that prevents you from doing really cool things - is you. em> raymmar
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