18 phrases that you are constantly talking to his cat

number of clips about cats posted on YouTube, success tends to infinity, and the most expensive cat in the world is worth 125 thousand dollars (!).

In adults and children favorites even has its own festival - the World day of cats.

And in honor of this momentous day, we chose 18 phrases that you are constantly talking to his cat. In general, all melt, cat.

1. Today you did anything, except that he slept all day?

2. Finally, I'll poglazhu!

3. What the hell are you doing in the sink?!

4. What are you doing?!

5. It seems that cats have to be smart ...

6. Do you want back? But I have just released you!

7. No, in fact, how the ancient Egyptians might worship you?

8. Yes, leave me alone you from this dog!

9. Actually, I'm reading here.

10. Did you ever love somebody?

11. Oh my God, it?!

12. Firstly, how did you get in the closet? Secondly, how long you stayed there?

13. Do not ask me to play with you.

14. The next time you'll remember where the toilet.

15. What do you like so much that box?

16. Although sometimes I think you're smart ...

17. But you immediately refute this "suspicion┬╗.

18. And I still love you!

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