16 phrases that we say to his cat

Generally cats - excellent sides. They can not answer, but everyone understands. Especially when it comes to eating. But that is not all.

Website gathered in this post 16 phrases that we are constantly talking to his cat.

Well, give five minutes of sleep!

Come hug ... you feel sorry that you?!

What are you doing?!

When you start to benefit?!

Well get down from there!

You are now done anything, except that slept all day?

Do you want back? But I just let you in!

Actually, I'm reading here.

What do you like so much that box?!

Electrician earn even think?

They say cats have to be smart ...

And sometimes I really think you're smart.

But you immediately refute this "suspicion┬╗.

You know, you're strange ...

And I still love you!

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