Wacky queries in search engines

Sometimes we seek and find really strange veschi.4 April was the International Day of the Internet. And what we do on the Internet most often? Of course, we are looking for any information. For all the years of the worldwide network of millions of searchers have seen the craziest requests, and search suggestions made them public domain.

In honor of the holiday Website has collected the most unexpected, surprising and absurd queries in search engines.

The new reading of Jerome.

Because the real poetry says it all.

Nothing good.


That's a mystery.

And because 369 people are able to do it.

Instruction for beginners.

On Saturday morning, many would be a useful skill.

And for those who returned from a trip.

The complex relationship you-know-to-whom.

The feeling that these requests are sent to the same person.


And get a haircut, you'll also online?

Here it is and I'm wondering.

Google knows the answers to important questions.

How did people so interested in the throat of a whale?

What a disgusting mug!

If you lack the generosity use mercuric oxide.

The answer does not want to even pose.

Hopelessness, ashes.

"Why do I shampoo" for a long time in the lead in the rankings of search engines.

Meanwhile, in Russia.

Perhaps the most appropriate request.

Close it and look for more answers in the real world!

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