The harsh Russian advertising

In the difficult Russian reality and advertising harsh and rigid. Not important - social, commercial or simply people's self-made.

The other day in Omsk there is such a provocative advertising news channel Ren-TV.

The meteorite, the most popular Russian word and the truth-womb - everything on this board in the best traditions of the Russian advertising. This example is not unique. We are in the Website know a dozen of such advertisements on the harsh schschah. And the best of them.

Yes, we have not accepted tseremonitsya

But it decided to call a spade imenami

And it's better if everything is chestno

Roughly, but effektivno

In another simply rabotaet

Sometimes, of course, you can poironizirovat

But even this turns sternly

Especially on doroge

If humor is chernyy

But sometimes, of course, not joking

Our advertisers crisis not boyatsya

And hold sacred traditsii

Ask the right voprosy

Find the right otvety

Makes you wonder

And helps samoopredelitsya

Russian advertising - it with a twinkle

But it makes us luchshe

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