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Autumn - the best time to go to the bookstore and buy as much as possible a good mood in hard and soft covers. But sometimes, walking between the shelves, they notice something so strange, funny and unusual, which completely forget about the purpose of his visit.

Website assembled a collection of absurdities, seen by customers in bookstores. Book lovers will appreciate.

When you look at the people in the morning in the subway, it seems that everything is so inspired.

Shakespeare Is it you?

Difficult childhood.

The life cycle of a woman

Buy and sell store employees.

Not so much now, and good poets.

But here everything is logical.

The Captain's Daughter is not the same.

A desperate attempt to sell the "ABC knittingĀ».

Said bestseller.

This book has not been and, hopefully, will be no more.

Stop the earth, I'll go.

Because Pushkin is hopelessly outdated.

Secret message from merchandisers.

Allowance for geeks.

More than just an operating system.

Well the answers are on store shelves nearby.

The most important of all the humanities.

Evolution of Stalin.

With Tesla, too, all difficult.

Dante would have turned over in his grave.

And in our time it was the other way around.


The book is better! Read good literature!

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