Ideal bookstores (26 photos)

Bookstore - it racks and shelves with books and, above all, the special atmosphere of intelligence, belonging to a secret book and rest. Go to a bookstore shopping - a special ritual that is so appreciated by those for whom the important paper publications with their smell and tactile sensations. Many entrepreneurs realize the value of this moment and try very hard to make your store unique. This material contains 20 of the most beautiful and unusual bookstores world.


Maastricht, Netherlands

The bookstore is located in a former Dominican church.
Rome, Italy

Modern design emphasizes specialized stores - books on art.


Bratislava, Slovakia

Ample simple ladder - not just a means to move between floors, and a reading area.

Livraria Lello

Porto, Portugal

This neo-Gothic store was opened in 1906. It has its own stairway to heaven.

Cook & Book

Brussels, Belgium

Whimsical and makabrichesky design, unusual for books.


Beijing, China

This shop English literature felt the magic floating in the air.

Librería El Ateneo Grand Splendid

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The theater was converted into a bookstore in the 1920s. Theatrical lodge as reading areas attract thousands of tourists each year.

Poplar Kid's Republic

Beijing, China

Whether the foundations of a single child or an adult?

Livraria da Vila

Sao Paulo, Brazil

The entire store floor to ceiling consists of bookshelves. Even the doors of them.

Cafebreria El Pendulo

Mexico City, Mexico

Shop for nature lovers.

Shakespeare & Company

Paris, France

For those who are not impressive architecture, but highly intelligent strikes mess. Books lie wherever possible, including passages.

The Last Bookstore

Los Angeles, California

The huge space, high ceilings and pillars create a curious impression.

Atlantis Books

Santorini, Greece

Sunny and endlessly cute book in the Greek resort town.

Bart's Books

Ojai, California

The world's largest book store in the open air.

Corso Como Bookshop

Milan, Italy

The impressive design of complex tables, which is ideally laid out the book.

Barter Books

Olnvik UK

An interesting design solution bookstore in the hangar. Special attention is given lighting solution.

The American Book Center

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Surprises shape space, intelligently designed racks.

VVG Something

Taipei, Taiwan

Shop utilitarian, but full of antique grace. So it could look perfect mess-perfect ship.

Ler Devagar

Lisbon, Portugal

Flying high and flying books - that says it all.

Daikanyama T-Site

Tokyo, Japan

The ultra-modern book magaizn with luxurious light game using light, varied lighting and mirrors.

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