12 ways to interior decorating books. Create a unique atmosphere in the house!

If you have an older home unwanted books that nobody reads, do not rush to send them to the trash. Books - a great material for interior decoration, and these 12 ideas will prove it to you. Your home will be transformed and filled with inexpressible atmosphere through decorating books. You can create a special room to read a book, created with the help of old books wonderfully cozy room with mood. Inspired by these simple ideas and come up with my own books for the use of design, it is very beautiful.

1. The head of the bed, lined with books - an idea for a bedroom in a romantic style.

2. Exhibited different pile of books in the interior look very original.

3. Shade Chandelier on the ceiling of neatly wrapped book pages.

4. Such voluminous balls, made of the books will be a memorable part of any situation. Good idea to decorate the banquet table.

5. The wall pasted book pages - it is stylish.


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