11 creative bookshelves for fans to read. There is nothing better than a paper book!

Probably each of us has a home library, even in those who switched to electronic media. Paper friends you can just put on a normal shelf or write on the original interior. Fortunately, the designers imagination and does not dry out, they do not get tired to please us with new products for the home. We gathered 11 of the most creative ideas for those who love to read and collect books. See and be inspired!

1. Bookshelf tree.

2. Invisible shelves that can be easily done by hand.

3. bookcase as a picture frame. Very original!

4. The diagonals make the design more interesting bookcase.

5. sat down to rest, and at the same time taken to read a book. Conveniently!

6. Another great idea.

7. The human imagination knows no bounds!

8. Shelves-pipe in a modern interior.

9. Save space.

10. For real bookworms.

11. On these shelves you can store not only books ...

After viewing photos of the original bookshelves sure you want to buy something. And, perhaps, you are prompted to create something new. For book lovers a good place to store books - it is a necessity.

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