40 great quotes of our parents, which can not argue


in whatever corner of our vast country you were born, for sure, these phrases parents will be familiar and very much so. Then, as a child, they forced us to shut up, shut in the room and sulk because they were not allowed to object to any age or position. And today we ourselves become adults and so important, we can with a nostalgic smile and good to remember them, and sometimes to adopt in relation to their own children. After all, no wonder my mother said: "Here you grow up - you will understand." In this post Website gathered 40 great quotes of our parents, with whom you can not argue.

And Pushkin lessons will teach? For garages not go. Marsh home. Put on a hat! When I eat, I am deaf and dumb. Do not talk with your mouth full. Because I said so. I told you a word - you give me ten. You must think about the future, and you're still playing with toys. On vacation from textbooks not vylezesh. What do you sit? Do nothing? Well, I'll find you a deal right now. How much can you say, turn off the light! Put on a sweater, I know that you are cold. And you do not slipnetsya one place? You have to always be small. All of this disease in your computer. And the magic word? If you are going to kill each other, go out, I washed the floors. Pray that this stuff to wash. Here I am at your age ... I do not make faces. Right now you scare somebody, and you're such a good stay! What do you want, one at the school did not ask? And if the roof jump, you jump, too? I talk to anyone? What do you sit, crows think? House talk. Take your elbows off the table. Not Burchi under his breath. Let us drink better than somewhere under a fence. Do not you have your home there? Do not pout like a mouse on the rump. Until doesh - not going anywhere. Get there - call. All the power at the bottom of the plates leave! Do not miss your chance - fly flies into his mouth. You will not learn - go janitor. Grow up - you will understand. Surrender return. Round out. Perehochetsya. Related:
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