It was a dashing 90-s, we dress as we could

Crazy mix of being brought shuttles 'branded' belongings, unimaginable hairstyles and the eternal desire to be fashionable and cool - such was the fashion of the 90s.

And, you know, it worked. Wearing jeans "Malvina," sneakers "Abibas" sweater "Boys" and a baseball cap with the inscription «USA California», everyone can win at a school dance than one Svetka Sokolova of 9 "B" with a crazy fringe.

Website has decided to recall the 13 Soul Plane things that we were in the 90s.


In the 90s at this simple garment it took a real high point. Irrespective of all complexion wore them everywhere. Graduation? Tights. For the bread? Tights. Winter? Pantyhose tights underneath - and forward. Green, purple, pink, yellow, gold - the vigorous colors, the better and the more likely the girl's legs became "highlight of the program." That is "nails».

Sports kostyumy

It is now we don sportswear exclusively to the gym (well, okay, even a barbecue), and in those wonderful times with the last lesson fizre it quietly could leave her friend to visit for tea, theater, film, and the disco, which is already there.

Colored rezinki

Especially zamorochennye picked them under color leggings. With the help of this miracle of the Chinese chemical industry hairstyles of our girls, namely, tails, braids, "palm" and other twists - iridescent. Yes and so firmly held that there was no need to varnish "beauty" - a miracle is now the domestic chemical industry.


"For them it is impossible to go!" - Shout we are, but when it stopped fashionistas and fashionistas. In such footwear it was comfortable flaunting the ruins of socialism, and the spring flood was nestrashen. It seems that the "three meters above the sky" - it is just about a shoe.


"Icons do not happen" - this unwritten motto occurred among young people of that era. Therefore badges engaged in all more or less suitable and free space on backpacks, handbags, belts, jackets and so on. With plastic plaques looked at us Choi, Schwarzenegger, "Kanai out of here", "I want a beer" and wondered: "What are we doing here?»


T-shirts - a single song. White, pink, knee-length, fringed, polka dot, striped, with Mickey Mouse and Baywatch. But the cult was, of course, t-shirt with Leonardo DiCaprio since "Titanic." If leggings and still pick up transcripts, it could be free to go to the school disco. Of course, if you managed to get ahead of 20 other such fashionistas.


If you wear a baseball cap, then you're cool: you have the latest version of tetris, you can climb on the garage, to select and change from first-graders to be late for lessons. In baseball necessary to have the inscription «USA» and eagle spread its wings. All other baseball - and shoddy attempt to join the clan steep.

Denim kurtki

Whether due to technical defects, whether due to the fact that it's necessary, but the fabric of the jeans kurtetsov was so dense, as if they were soaked in a concrete solution. But that does not make for the sake of fashion - we could hardly pulled the jackets, alluring symbols of the Western world, and muffled, but not broken, went to the guys from next door.


That's sweatshirts - the top of the tracksuit - walking was much nicer, so no bother and instead wore her jacket almost to the very cold weather. Bright, matched leggings, they are so loosely fluttering in the wind! And their colors "hello, epilepsy" significantly diluted drab 90s. But more importantly - they did not even have to iron!


This accessory belonged to those who are older, who have already departed in baseball caps and went, so to speak, to a new level. However borsetku successfully "combined" with a sports suit. It is understandable - to climb on the frozen construction projects and "muddy" business it is still more convenient. The shoulders are not too tight.


For those who for ideological reasons could not or did not want to go with borsetkoy market accessories prepared - drumroll - plastic bags. Flowered, spotted, striped, with a babe in a bikini - only they could carry textbooks, notebooks and pen. By the way, the owners of these objects borsetok not really came in handy.

Sweater "Boyce"

Even in this photo you can see how the girls are proud of the fact that these are "masterpieces" of the Turkish consumer goods. And no matter what was originally intended for boys sweater and gray-brown-green ornament is not quite profitable emphasizes the dignity of female appearance.

Jeans "Malvina"

Jeans Mawin, or "Malvinas", they rushed to us with the shuttle, for some weeks by filling market stalls throughout the former USSR. "Malvina" were much cheaper Levi's, Montana, and Pyramid, so they were all elsewhere. In general, then label the pope could sound like anything, but they are still called in a kind way - "Malvina».

Today, when you look at these pictures, it becomes ridiculous. Well, let - it was our story, our God forgive me, the culture by which we become what already is. Although we do not tempt costumes "Abibas" with stripes, but sometimes secretly want to dissolve Yupi sachet and remember dashing youth.

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