25 things straight from the dashing 90

Oh, 90 ... Time wild fashion, grandmothers with seeds, instead of Tamagotchi pets and much more interesting. Internet was not, but because all the fun as we could: Girls jumping in the gum, and the boys mastered the basics of parkour in the garage. It was dangerous, but fun.

< Website I have compiled 25 things straight from the dashing 90. Although it is not even stuff. These are memories from which the soul becomes warm.

Weave fenechek

Tablet my detstva


Let korabliki

"Just Add Water"

If you do not blow, no miracle proizoydet

Pencil coins. Perhaps every so delal

Cell telefony

Parkour 90 h


Tsiferki in syre

"Jungle name!"

Water from the speakers - bestsenno


Cartridges for Dendy

Stencil - made headlines abstracts tak

VHS - collection mechty

Toys from Kinder cyurprizov


The table, which is laid out on prazdnikam

Locker with vishenkoy

Small - 3 BR, large - 5 rubley



Backpack Dino

Jeans "Malvina"

If we forgot something, because just do not remember, share your memories in the comments.

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