How to look 10 happiest countries in the world

Happiness is difficult to measure, sometimes it consists of those little things that are not zafiksiruesh any one device. However, we humans love to do the impossible. For example, every year we publish an index of happiness - World Happiness Report. It takes into account many different indicators, but Website said that among the happiest countries included States that do not live in the most intimate corners of the planet. But they are surrounded by such beauty!

10th place - AvstraliyaKazhetsya, whole life is needed in order to see all the natural beauty of Australia. And that's not counting the Great Barrier Reef and the amazing animals that are not found on any other continent.

I want to Australia!

9th place - New ZelandiyaSo times "Lord of the Rings" everyone knows that New Zealand - the most beautiful place on the planet. During that locals pay constant earthquakes, but tourists go there invariably charmed.

8th place - ShvetsiyaEtu to adorn the snow-covered forest, northern lights and magnificent castles and palaces.

7th place - NiderlandyNiderlandy - a country of windmills, white sheep in the flood plains, tulips, bicycles and canals.

6th place - FinlyandiyaRodina world famous Santa Claus and the Moomins. The harsh but beautiful nature of the country has given birth to the most kind and funny characters in the history of mankind.

5th place - KanadaIzrezannaya rivers and bays of Canada if the land is designed for photo shoots. National parks, hanging bridges, bears, Niagara Falls - there is always something to admire.

4th place - NorvegiyaZdes harsh northern romance, fjords, ice and polar auroras. This is the "Warriors" country around the globe. They are born here only the Vikings and Valkyries in which blood craving for dangerous and glorious adventure.

I want to Norway!

3rd place - DaniyaDaniya - It is a beautiful lake with sandy beaches, like toys, gingerbread farm and old romantic castle, some of which opened as a hotel.

2nd place - IslandiyaZdeshnie landscapes are so far from the usual, and lets you shoot fantastic movies without any decorations.

I want to Iceland!

1st place - ShveytsariyaZhizn here flows background romantic alpine slopes. It is the most mountainous country in Europe. And in Switzerland, makes the world-famous chocolate. And he is known for his ability to make people happy.

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