20 animals, which can only be understood and forgiven

course, these mils in no way to blame. Someone came, everything dropped, opened and poured, ate and framed innocent pets. But can you swear by looking at their naive and at the same time sad eyes?

< Website I gathered for you 20 frames with animals, after which you can only understand and forgive them.

She wanted to jump! And I held her. No thanks.

He started it!

I killed the black snake, why are you angry?

Before Friday's forget about the console.

You have no idea this was here!

I can explain everything!

Two weeks will not see me sausages.

Sergei came to me, we played a little bit.

I swear, I do not really like this cream.

I can not imagine how it happened ...

Not my fault, he came to me ..

I did not see your yarn. And Sharik asked? ..

It's not mine, I flipped!

N - audacity.

You can not imagine how hard was the day.

Oh, thank the gods, you came - somebody spilled the whole meal!

Excuse me. Fixed.

And why do you never ask how my day?

Not waiting for you so early ... But in general, this is for you.

Oh, man, it seems we'll never know who did it.

Boss, I accidentally ...

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