10 films, over which even men cry


say that men do not cry. Yes, women - more emotional beings, but it does not mean that half of humanity is not severe inherent sentimentality. Mourn and shed tears during the touching movie can they.

Website gathered 10 films as evidence of this.

Hachiko: The most loyal drugHachi: A Dog's Tale, 2008


Professor of music on the way home from work met at the Railway Station a lost puppy. Taking him to his home, the hero did not realize that their friendship will last for many years, will be an example of true love and devotion of a dog person.
More than once proved that this tearjerker story based on real events, breaks a tear even the most callous.

NebesKnockin Knockin 'on Heaven's Door, 1997


Two patients lying in the same ward, doctors put a disappointing diagnosis: they have to live very long. Deciding that it is not necessary to spend the last days of life in depression, they escape from the hospital, stealing a car and go on a journey to the sea, on the way to getting funny, and sometimes dangerous situations. A cult film about life, death, life-changing dreams and eternity.

Green milyaThe Green Mile, 1999


The prison on death row comes the black giant, accused in the murder of two girls. The prisoner is released not only noticeable appearance, but also in that it has a magical, divine gift of healing disease. During the dialogue at the warden there are doubts the truth of the allegations of this amazing man.
Deep philosophical, sometimes heavy film "The Green Mile" is one of the best adaptations of Stephen King.

My Name Is Khan

My Name Is Khan, 2010


Indian films are usually full of singing and dancing, but not this time. Surprisingly touching film tells the story of a patient Asperger Rizvan Khan. He embarks on a journey across America in order to win back his love. His wife left him after 11 September 2001, when the treatment of Muslims in the world has changed dramatically. During his journey, he conquers encountered in his way of people with their kindness, peace-loving and sincerity.

List ShindleraSchindler's List, 1993


The story of Oskar Schindler, a successful businessman, a member of the Nazi party who saved the lives of over a thousand Jews during the Second World War. The film - a homage to such a heroic deed. Motion picture masterpiece shakes to the core of its fundamental and realistic.

And in my heart I tantsuyuInside I'm Dancing, 2004


World of Michael, suffering from cerebral palsy, literally flipped when the house goes for Disabled Rory new patient, confined to a wheelchair because of muscular atrophy. Young people not only do not whine about the unfairness of life, but it shows an enviable vitality, living to the fullest. Charging positive Michael, it opens new opportunities for him to celebrate.
It's a great movie in every sense forces us to reassess his views on life and start to appreciate what is forgotten in the hectic days.

Life prekrasnaLa vita รจ bella, 1997


During World War II, Guido gets young son in a concentration camp for Jews. Man trying to save the boy's life, tells him that everything that happens - a game that awaits the winner of the prize in the form of the tank. In order to "win", we must not get caught the eye of guards. Son, believed in the story of his father, starts cleverly hidden in the barracks, so survives.
Light film, symbolizing love and goodness, make you cry and laugh.

ZhizneySeven Seven Pounds, 2008


Tim Tomos can not recover from a car accident in which he inadvertently killed 7 people, including the bride. Tormented by guilt, he finds a way to correct the mistakes of the past. By donating a portion of their bodies terminally ill people, it helps them to survive and thus makes up for the loss of the accident. Everything is complicated when he meets Emily, and falls in love. Looking at the mental anguish of the protagonist, no one can hold back the tears.

Baby millionMillion Dollar Baby, 2004


Maggie dreams of becoming a boxer. Frank Dunn - battered life coach, do not experience a great desire to train newfound athlete. But seeing her tenacity and fierce desire to become a champion, nevertheless he agrees to take her under his wing. Ahead of a crucial event, the chances of winning are high, but fate decided to play a cruel joke. The film is about the internal struggle, the desire to realize a dream no matter what.

GladiatorGladiator 2000


The great warrior Maximus because of its merits was to be the heir to the throne of the Roman Empire. On hearing this, the emperor's own son dooms the hero to death. Miraculously escaping death, Maximus becomes a gladiator, he will meet with the newly sworn enemy, but in the arena of the Colosseum. Strong dramatic Russell Crowe wins the game in the first minutes of the film, especially brightly expressed in the climax of the finale, where the viewer begins to cry bitterly.

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