40 quotations from King sarcastic Dr. House


Wildly charismatic House did not leave indifferent: someone he could not stand for honesty and disregard for others, and someone came to the indescribable joy of the master of sarcasm and the magnificent mind of the hero. On this occasion, Website and prepared for you 40 examples of selected inimitable sarcasm doctor.

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Hi, I'm Dr. House! How long have you been a psychopath? You are always so stupid, and today is a special case? ignore me? Or quietly enjoy my charm? You are a little plump. The word "little" I mean that you are corroded to death. Condolences. He will live for a long time and you would get to complete. I have to go ... a bunch of patients. That'll hurry ... and may be able to avoid them. Conscience? You mean that thing that makes itself felt, when there is no logical reason to behave as is required from you? The patient died? Or do I have to work?

I would like to hit you in the mouth, but why do I have to improve your appearance? Good to be adults. Owed nothing to anybody. All the children have one thing in common - they all suck. You have brain damage ... you are doomed to lifelong happiness. Lying parents - is, of course, correct, but in the face of death, and you can withdraw. ... Am I right or am I right? You swore an oath to be cool? At least, I am a giving until all took an oath of Hippocrates. You have 2 options: even argue and do what I say or do, I said. Is is lupus? Dreams come true!


Chase: em> It remains only 2-3 months.

House: em> The good news: it means that I'm right again. House: em> Mrs. Adams, would you go out for a minute? < br />
Mrs. Adams: em> Why?

House: em> Then, you annoy me. Chase: em> You're kidding!

House: em> Well, it's not hard ... What could be funnier than cancer? Wilson: em>

House: em> What? Wilson: em> This woman ...

House: em> The one that does not speak? I liked. Wilson: em> Stop changing the subject!

House: em> said a fan to change the subject. Wilson: em> House of your unstable patient walks down the hall?

House: em> Tore leash.


The warden: em> your patient stabbed his cellmate, another broke his neck, nearly decapitated one of the guards.

House: em> Do not be afraid, I did not hurt you. Wilson: em> If you like to work alone, could just tell. Why lie?

House: em> interesting lie. The thirteenth: em> Friends respect each other's decisions, even if you do not agree with them. It's called loyalty.

House: em> Devotion - a way to make do for someone as you need. The mother of the patient: em> How can you just sit here?

House: em> If I eat standing up, I'm depressed. Foreman: em> He may have just moved, no one is perfectly still during imaging.

House: em> Yes, maybe he was uncomfortable, he shifted one hemisphere of his brain in a more comfortable position. The patient: em> This is a good hospital? < br />
House: em> It depends on what you mean by the word "good." Armchairs them comfortable. Cuddy: em> Pay attention to me!

House: em> I'm sorry, but then I would be more difficult to ignore you.


- Excuse me, Dr. House, I am working with Wendy Leigh, and I also her boyfriend.

- Great, but I'm the one who do not care. - You have not seen my wooden box?

- What box?

- Wood, in the form box. - Help me escape this dinner, and I'll tell you who started the rumor that you are a transsexual!

- There is no such hearing!

- Will, if not help to avoid the dinner! - How do you check the reaction of someone pain?

- Just. Hurt them.


- two o'clock I waited in the lobby.

- Fascinatingly. Memoir writing is not thought? - You think I want the whole world saw you staring at my ass and criticize my wardrobe?

- But it would be better if I stare at your wardrobe and criticize your ass? - need a lawyer!

- You killed someone?

- Nothing. But it is not over yet.

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