20 citations of Leo Tolstoy, who will open it for you in a new way

He was the first who refused to copyright, was an opponent of the state system, and the denial of the religious authorities of his excommunicated. He refused the Nobel Prize, hated money and took the side of the peasants. So he did not know nobody. His name - Leo Tolstoy.

The power of government rests on ignorance of the people, and it knows it because there will always be fighting against education. It is time we understand that. Everyone wants to change humanity, but nobody thinks about how to change themselves. Everything comes to those who wait. All happy families resemble one another, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. Strong people are always simple. Everyone let sweeps in front of its door. If everyone would do so, the whole street will be clean. It always seems that we like because we are so good. But we do not realize that love us because they are good, who loves us. Without love, life is easier. But without it there is no point. I have all that I love. But I love everything I have. The world is moving forward thanks to those who suffer. The greatest truth - the most simple. The point is not to know a lot, and to be aware of everything that is possible to know the most necessary. People often take pride in the purity of his conscience just because they have a short memory. None of the villain who, searching, would not have found the villains in any respect worse than himself, and who therefore could not find a reason to be proud of and pleased with himself. The evil within us, that is out there, where it can be removed. A person should always be happy; If happiness comes to an end, see what was wrong. I believe that the meaning of life for each of us - just to grow in love. All building plans, and no one knows whether he will live until the evening. There are no conditions to which a man could not get used to, especially when he sees all around him live the same way. One of the most amazing fallacies - that human happiness is to do nothing.

P.S. On svoix lektsiyax Vladimir Nabokov used the following method. He closed all the curtains in the room, ensuring complete darkness. "In the firmament of Russian literature this is Gogol" - and at the end of the hall light flashed. "This is Chekhov" - a ceiling light up another star. "It Dostoevsky" - flipped the switch on its side. "And this is - Tolstoy!" - Lecturer plowed drape the windows and flooded with blinding sunlight.

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