20 films that should see every woman

There are movies for long meditations, dreamy tapes or films that can be viewed and forget. And there are pictures of women. And you will not believe, but they are not necessarily about love. They are multi-faceted and unpredictable, as does the fair sex.

Website brought to you these pictures. Save them - sometimes just hear the words, or drawn from the idea of ​​the film can change lives.

Life in Pink tsvete

This is a very deep and sensitive biographical film about the French diva Edith Piaf, whose life was like a battle for the right to live and sing and love, which is in itself significant. But it was a masterpiece because masterfully conveys the atmosphere of Paris, a mad, wild and charming at the same time, which seems sweet and romantic only to those who are unfamiliar with it. Perhaps, in such circumstances, real talent is born, but that's another story.

Soldier Dzheyn

The film without intrigue and costly battles. But he is perhaps one of the few that reliably shows us what can be the strength of the will of man. In this case - women. "GI Jane" has several memorable scenes, great plot beaten, so become a classic.

Smile Mona Lizy

We do not know wiser female film. He teaches dignity, courage, commitment. But much more importantly - the picture honestly and openly shows how important it is to think his own head. Therefore, and due to the decent cast of the picture turned out not to matter-feminist, and an easy and comprehensive as women's intuition.

Baby million

The film captures the fact that he has not embellished. It shows all the harshness and cruelty of life as it is. Life challenges us, and only a strong, brave, stubborn and determined person can respond and take the fight. Directed by Clint Eastwood very aptly trivia, and actors have lived within himself and gave us all the emotions. Some would say that the film is harsh, but if a girl or anyone else wants to become a champion in boxing, it's not up snot and silly happy ending.

The Devil Wears Prada

The world of fashion, gloss, of course, beautiful. But as far as he is handsome, he is just as cruel. Any little thing - and you already toppled from the top of Mount Olympus. The film, of course, on the epoch-making does not apply. How has the genre - comedy drama - and filmed. Nevertheless, the film is excellent. Easy, pleasant, nenadumanny plot, which is decorated with brilliant Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway.

Road peremen

It seems that may make the viewer feel the film about a married couple with two children had a personal crisis in the mid-twentieth century in the United States? But towards the end of the film barely scrape turns himself from the chair in the knowledge that everything you just saw, and about you, too. It is possible, as the main characters, meaning to go from hopeless position in Paris. But it is not so simple. You can change the place of residence, but can not escape from yourself. And if inside is empty, no matter where you live, with whom you live, sadness will not leave you. For this discovery thanks to the film.


The film "The Queen," directed by Stephen Frears - one of the decent and suspended films about difficult time for the British royal family after the death of a people's favorite of Princess Diana. How to be queen, toward which spilled a lot of unflattering words - give in to emotions or to show restraint, as befits a monarch? In the prologue of the film is not in vain is a line from Shakespeare. But if Shakespeare's heroes fought the enemy with a sword and arrows, in our days the battle is conducted with the help of cameras and microphones. That, too, requires a certain courage.

Erin Brokovich

Erin Brockovich story - a story and a strong and a weak woman. Just because of the circumstances of ordinary women's weakness for Erin - a luxury. Maybe she does not a genius, but the tenacity and indifferent to other people's fates allow it impossible - to beat, defeat powerful corporations, literally poisoning people's lives. In times when you give up, just reconsider the film - it's great.


Bright colorful film about a woman of rebellious nature, of insatiable desire, the energy, spurting key. Frida was 20 years old when she married the most famous Mexican artist Diego Rivera, an elderly, rich and depraved. This painting tells the story of Frida not only as a brilliant artist but also as a woman, for which in the first place was the love and the family. And the music for the film deserves special attention.

Eat Pray lyubi

We could not include in the list of this film. Based on the book of the painting gave a simple recipe for depression - choose any three countries with the letter "I" immediately hit the road and find out yourself. At the main character played by Julia Roberts got it. It is time for your story.

Golden vek

Another beautiful picture of how difficult to be a queen. But this film is not so much about the history and not a monarch, but a man. Elizabeth I - a woman, does not belong to himself for a moment, deprived of even the simple pleasures of life. The suspense, passion, betrayal, adventure greatness - all connected in a breathtaking epic "The Golden Age" with the incomparable scenario, sumptuous costumes and stunning performances by the cast.

Where serdtse

Naiudivitelneyshy film about love, forgiveness and friendship. It would seem banal story, as old as the world. Pregnant girl leaves boy, whom she hopes as a life partner. But the world is not as bad as it seems. Just can not give up, you can not hate destiny for anything, you can not give up. You just have to go ahead without remembering the evil and help people enjoy life. We've heard it a hundred times, but this is the key to happiness.

Jeanne D'ark

The film is really excellent. Historical picture of the heroes of this scale is easy to do tedious and too pretentious. But the creators of the tape did their best, and thank them for their realism, faith and justice, which is perfectly expressed in the form of Saint Joan, brilliantly played by Milla Jovovich.

Head in the Clouds

"Head in the Clouds" - is not just a movie title. This state of mind in which the heroes stay, state of mild insanity sublime experiences, which have no place on the earth, they pull up, but, alas, the world is moving away from. The movie has a lot of aesthetics, tragic, doomed aesthetics that does not lose the shine even in the fading moments. And this present study the most mysterious phenomena in the universe - the human heart.


There are films that shake the viewer to the heart and pierce all the nerve endings. "Elegy" - one of those. The history of relations between a college professor David Kepes and chaste young Cuban Consuela Castillo somewhere within us places all points over «i», and we already know who is next to us, who are not just a number, but who are spiritually close.


Amelie dreamer finds in her bathroom with a cache of old toys and lights up the idea to return the "treasure" rightful owner. This good deed changing the girl's life, and she begins to interfere in the lives of other people in unexpected ways. The film turned our life, too, but without the delightful music composer Jan Tiersen is impossible to imagine Paris.

7 days with Marilyn

Play Marilyn Monroe - is to some extent a challenge. But the actress Michelle Williams coped with the role - she was able to embody the image of a confident coquette and a little girl who is afraid of the world and people. But watching a movie is not just because of Marilyn, but because of it, you can go and not to such and because of its amazing atmosphere. And you believe that is possible to reach the stars.

Iron ledi

Without pathos in the film could not have done, but Meryl Streep as always all saved. At the same time save the image of Margaret Thatcher before which can only admire. The politician, who prefers to act. Woman choose a career. The leader of the country, which can take time and dignity. Cinema, required for viewing.


Amazing musical, which tells about the life of the entire beloved Argentine Evita Duarte de Peron, on its way along the road that she had chosen her. For image recreated on screen, Madonna would like to say thank you - she perfectly conveys all the light and dark sides of her character, and her fears and ambitions. And, of course, deserves special praise music - composer Andrew Lloyd Webber has created masterpieces.


If one were to describe the film in one word, we would say "excellent". The viewer shows all the stark reality of modeling business. It would seem that there may be more luxurious life filled with photos, meetings, displays? And it is here that we have, and conducted a "brilliant" life models. A young Angelina Jolie - a godsend for filmmakers.

Coco Chanel

A film about strong women were not afraid to challenge society with its morals, foundations, tight corsets, fancy dresses and hats-meringue. Someone says that the film is boring and monotonous. Rather, leisurely film, and this is its charm. It is similar to life: sometimes it all goes very slowly, and sometimes flies with the speed of thought. But Audrey Tautou in the image of the legendary Chanel unmatched.

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