I drank water with honey and lemon in the morning the whole year. And that's what came out of it

- A year ago, I became very ill with influenza. The drugs from the pharmacy is not particularly helpful. One woman told me to drink in the morning warm (not hot!) Water with honey and lemon. I reacted with skepticism to this recommendation. But still I tried. Influenza has passed, and this warm drink became I really like.

And I started to drink it every day. This tradition for a year. During this time, my body is completely transformed in unexpected ways. So what has changed.

I'm not sick colds a year. And I am no longer worried about pain zheludke.Nado say that I have never believed in the power of folk remedies. I was a slave to pharmacies. Sick stomach - I drink tablets. Tormented by chronic fatigue - drink vitamin tablets. Well, you understand.

But for this year I did not even sneeze. My headaches are gone. Now I take honey and lemon, wherever I went. I drink this drink, even in hotels.

I do not drink coffee in the morning. And it is very easy to prosypayusMoy lemon-honey cocktail delivered me from dependence on coffee. And along with it, and headaches. Now I have much more energy throughout the day. I sleep well and I smile in the morning.

Previously, in order to tear to my eyes, I needed at least an hour. Now I do not get angry at your loved ones in the morning. Strictly speaking, I even forgot the last time I felt tense in the morning.

People around me have become healthier. And it is the greatest reward persuaded his family to follow my example. So for the last year of influenza and other "winter" trouble not hurt not only me, but my wife and my two children.

I do not know how it works magic potion, but it works. I am very grateful to that woman for her advice.

My retseptObychno for a glass of drink I squeeze half a lemon, add to a teaspoon of honey. And all of this breed in the warm boiled water, which give cool. Drink immediately after waking up every morning.

Immediately it should be said that the taste of this cocktail every day can be very different: all depends on the lemon and honey on that you add. Sometimes the nectar turns sour, sometimes - sugary-sweet. It's nothing.

How it works? I dug at medical sites to find out what was going on. And I realized a few important things.

This drink protects you from a urinary tract infection The lemon and honey stimulates the work of your digestive system as well as moisturize the colon. The result is an excellent remedy for constipation and cystitis. Drink a diuretic, and the doctors say he is quite able to protect you from problems with the urinary tract.

Improves digestion Each component of the drink helps your digestive system. Lemon, for example, helps the liver to produce more bile. So the products are processed better, and you get one more nutrients.

Honey has powerful antibacterial properties, and therefore perfectly protects you from any infections. It also causes the stomach to produce more juice, which allow the body to more efficiently eliminate toxins. For this reason, it will be easier to control your weight.

Causes you to glow with health and beauty Lemon provides many benefits for the skin. It also helps to cleanse the blood. The body, if you potchuete his lemon, quickly produces new blood cells. The water stimulates the production of collagen, which is very good for the skin.

In general, I recommend. In addition, it is delicious. Just try it.

(It is best to consult with your doctor whether it is suitable for you personally!)

Author: Davis
Translation: lifter

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