Children's stories whose meaning is much deeper than it seems


We are losing the childhood time, but keep it in yourself. Perhaps that is why we love stories. Many fairy tale worth reading, not only at a young age, but as adults, because they are filled with a lot more sense than we think as a child. Website have compiled excerpts from well-known fairy tales that are worth rereading.

"The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupery 82fe2a26c8.jpg

Adults love numbers. When you tell them that you have a new friend, they never ask about the most important. They never say, "And what is his voice? What kind of games he likes to play? If he catches the butterflies? "They ask:" How old is he? How his brothers? How much does he weigh? What makes his father? "And then imagine that the learned man.

Cartoon "Winter's Tale" 71c4426ba5.jpg

- What are you doing here? - Said Bear.
- Waiting for you to recover, - said the Hedgehog.
- How long?
- All winter. I learned that you ate too much snow - just drag all their supplies for you ...
- And all winter you sat beside me on a stool?
- Yes, I watered you spruce broth and applied to the abdomen dried grass ...
- I do not remember - said Bear.
- Still would! - Hedgehog sighed. - You said all winter, you - the snowflake. I was so afraid that you will thaw in the spring ...

"Mary Poppins" Pamela Travers d925868824.jpg

- And we will also, Mary Poppins?
- Let that?
- To live happily ever after?
- Perhaps ... It depends ...
- From what?
She smiled softly and sadly.
- From yourself!

"As a young fox fox" Natalia Sizonenko be690c0de2.jpg

- Pup - said the fox fox - you remember, please, that if you seriously ill, sad, scared, if you're tired - you just stretch out your leg. And I will stretch you my, wherever you are, even if there is - or all of the other stars go to their heads. Because one sad fox divided into two cubs - this is not scary. And when you're holding the other paw paw - what's the difference, what else is there in the world?

"Alice in Wonderland", Lewis Carroll c197ecd51c.jpg

- Tell me, please, which way I go from here?
- Where do you want to go? - Said the Cat.
- I do not care ... - said Alice.
- Then do not care where to go and, - said the Cat.
- ... Only to get somewhere - explained Alice.
- Anywhere you are sure to do, - said the Cat. - It should be just long enough to go.

"Velvet Rabbit" by Margery Williams 45e94cf517.jpg

- You only become real - inspired velvet Rabbit wise old Skin Horse - if someone is a long time in love with you. Not just playing with you, and really loves.
- And it hurt? - I asked the Rabbit.
- Sometimes, - said the Skin Horse, because I always tell the truth. - But if you are real, you are ready to endure the pain.
- And how does it happen? Once and done, if you have got a key, or gradually?
- Gradually, - said the Skin Horse. - You become real. It takes a lot of time. That is why it is so seldom happens to those who simply quarrels, intractable or requires special treatment. Usually it happens at the time when you become real, you've already worn wool, eyes fall out, dangling limbs, and generally you have a very pathetic. But it will not have absolutely no value, because the one who became the real can not be ugly. Is that in the eyes of those who knew nothing about.

"Hedgehog in the Fog", Sergei Kozlov69d2c9f9cd.jpg

- I'm sure you hear? I am sure - said Bear. Hedgehog nodded.
- I will come to you no matter what happens. I'll be beside you always.
Hedgehog Bear looked at his eyes quiet and silent.
- What are you silent?
- I believe - said the Hedgehog.

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