20 best films according to audience rather than critics

These films are not as widely known as "Terminator" and "Harry Potter", but they watched and appreciated by millions of viewers around the world.

Website gathered 20 films which have something to tell you.

Teacher on zamenuDetachment 2011

Lyrical film about a teacher of English literature, which replaces the regular teachers in poor urban areas. School life inconspicuous, and in the life of the protagonist it is all very difficult, but he fights himself and inspires the students, becoming the favorite school teacher.

Fastest IndianThe World's Fastest Indian, 2005

A film about the life of the famous New Zealander Burt Munro, who spent a decade on his favorite motorcycle refitting 1920 release with a maximum speed of 58 miles per hour in a racing car to set speed records. This story is about how important it is never to betray his dream, despite all the derision and reproach.

Most drunken district in mireLawless 2012

The film tells about the life of the brothers, bootleggers, who are struggling with all at once: the competition, with the police, with their own passions. The solid film star gangster sagas, and the action vigorously and dynamically developing.

OldboyOldeuboi 2003

The protagonist is kidnapped to his daughter's birthday. 20 years he spent in solitary confinement, without knowing who kidnapped him, and why. One day, also without explanation, he gets free and is free to go on all four sides. Korean film differs perfect her acting, great music and staging staff.

NebraskaNebraska 2013

Elegant black and white film about an old man who had received a letter of happiness and believe. He went to Nebraska to get the promised one million dollars. "Nebraska" - a film-poem. It is perfectly all - even the fact that until the end and did not understand it or comedy drama.

KatastrofaBlue Ruin, 2013

Fenced off from the world bomzhevatogo hermit lives only dream of revenge. Hackneyed plot of revenge directed by Jeremy Saulnier has turned into a serious drama with piercing visuals.

Single muzhchinaA Single Man, 2009

Professor of English Literature, George devotes himself one day to answer the question, whether he has a future. After the death of her lover he will rediscover the meaning of life. Great movie with a great story and unparalleled performance of the actors.

SamsaraSamsara 2011

This beautiful one-half hour journey through the most amazing places of the world. Director Ron Fricke showed the inextricable link of all the people and events on earth, the cycle of births and deaths, the diversity of our world, which is adjacent to a beautiful squalor, and the end is the beginning.

VyshibalaGoon 2011

Doug - a simple bouncer working in a provincial bar. One day he offered to become a hockey player, but he can not even stand on skates. However, if you want all feasible. Cheerful and good story about the life of roguish guy.

It is not detiElectrick Children, 2012

15-year-old girl from a family of Mormons in Utah were once banned tape with rock music. Hearing this music, it is experiencing the emotions that had never experienced. Three months later, she discovers that she is pregnant, and decides that the child's father - a musician who has performed this song. She decides to whatever was to find him and embarks on a journey. This crazy story was the basis for a great movie that makes fall in love with life and believe in themselves.

Mr. NiktoMr. Nobody, 2009

Wonderful film where every frame is beautiful and looks like a melody. Nemo - only a mortal man in the world of the immortal people - tells the story of his life, stumbling and confused, but one by one, giving ideas on which I want to think and think.

SamozvanetsThe Imposter, 2012

Missing three years ago, a boy from Texas family found in Spain. Family happy, though, to be honest, the boy did not like too - not the color of hair and eyes, speaks with an accent, and no one will know. Documentary film-reconstruction of the person tries to tell the chameleon, who managed more than 30 times to circle around the fingers of their victims.

Park of Culture and otdyhaAdventureland 2008

The film about teenagers from Pittsburgh, who worked at an amusement park in 1987. This is a sweet, gentle, funny and intimate little masterpiece of unrequited love.

VirungaVirunga 2014

The group of brave men risked their lives to save the world's last member of the species of mountain gorillas in the midst of a new civil war in the Congo. This documentary looks like a great feature film - a powerful and rich.

NachinayuschieBeginners 2010

Romantic American comedy, which tells more about the complex relationship between father and son. The film is beautifully shot and was not only funny but also dramatic. How perfectly demonstrates the importance of family ties.

OhotaJagten 2012

An unforgettable experience under the name "Danish thriller." Film about the life of the rural poor teachers who slandered in his non-native village. Minimalist interiors, cool colors The fallen autumn leaves - camera skillfully capture and convey the mood of Scandinavian heartland. A wonderful example of modern European drama.

Station smotritelThe Station Agent, 2003

Fin - excellent man: inquisitive, moderately intelligent, well-mannered and infinitely good. But the fiasco - born a dwarf. It is part of the people, not to cause undue pity or curiosity. Therefore decides to move entirely in the wilderness. But just then unexpectedly finds friends.

MadMud 2012

14-year-old Ellis lives with her parents in a houseboat on the Mississippi River, in his spare time with a friend Nekbounom explores the river. One day they met a man named Mud. He hides in the woods, and obviously waiting for someone meeting. This is a beautiful tale of love, loss and painful personal growth.

Wild istoriiRelatos salvajes, 2014

More than a worthy example of the black comedy. The film consists of 6 small stories about people caught in crisis situations. Due to the short duration of each episode, the action develops quickly and is accompanied by a perfectly matched visuals.

Idiota3 Three Idiots, 2009

Very interesting, positive, bright light and solar film. It is not typical Indian movie filmed in Bollywood and beautifully filmed. At the heart of the story of how two friends looking for their missing friend, with whom they were in college. Searches are accompanied by stories about how they became friends through that have been studied together and how.

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