20 evidence that life with a child - it's fun

All children are pranks, but they do it sincerely and from the heart. Even when the paint blue paint your white rug or smear on the ears in the mud. So they know the world. Breathless and without a moment's hesitation about the consequences.

Website offers less blame them for it, and often laugh at the antics of innocent children.

Life hacking: how to determine if children are in the house.

When my grandfather - a beekeeper.

No matter how many years a man: he is either a man or not!

Children on a tour of the construction site.

So I spent Father's Day.

Yes, there is a pump broke down, I'll fix!

Sweet baby barbecue sauce.

My mother has forbidden to touch the cake with his hands. But about a teeth-she did not say anything!

Give me back my wand!

Oh-oh, do you remember how she came to me and offered his toy?

What despair in those eyes.

They finally got the batteries.

When the waiter brings an eternity your order.

Children like cats. They always convenient.

The very first women's hair.

The back rub you?

The city goes to sleep, wakes up the mafia.

I went to the bathroom, and dramatically so tired.

Merge with toys - the only way to salvation.

To lie on the white sands, not have to go to the Dominican Republic. Just to have a baby.

Whatever nonsense either came up, there will always be followers.

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