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In memory of the great actor posvyaschaetsya.Kogda it comes to Andrei Mironov, his colleagues in the acting workshop unanimously agreed that he was the best of them - in an artistic environment, it is very rare. Perfect actor, witty and dramatic without vulgarity, without unnecessary pathos, he will always be the idol of millions and one of the main legend of the Soviet cinema.

So fuck us welcome! Once in Zvenigorod Andrei Mironov was standing in the street with Eldar Ryazanov and reminisced about the filming of "The Diamond Arm" in Sochi. In particular, he recalled how during the filming of the episode, which was attended by Yuri Nikulin, he and Anatoly Papanov, from the crowd of onlookers broke through to the very site of some nimble unshaven type, and pushed Mironov Papanova, ran to the Nikulin screaming "It's great sloven!»

- That's where we are, - said Andrei Mironov - really envy the popularity of Yuri Nikulin in the nation. We have something to Papanova he did not notice ...

At this time, by driving a bicycle to some man in the street Zvenigorod. He braked and staring at Mironov, cried in the street:

- That's the way to hell granted us!

- That's it, Andrew - said Ryazanov. - Now I see that you Nikulin quite equaled the popularity among the people!

Anatoly Papanov and Andrei Mironov.

Marriage Andrei Mironov and Catherine Gradova 1971

Without dublerovAndrey Mironov rarely used the services of stand-ins and stunt, trying to perform stunts himself. During the filming of "Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia", he climbed out of the window of the sixth floor, clinging to the carpet, and hung on it. He is hanging over the Neva, grabbing hold of the edge of the bridge. He got out of the car window rushing, crawled up the fire escape and jump on another machine.

On the film "Three plus two", 1963

I podnimayuAndrey Mironov - the son of popular entertainers - enrolled in drama school completely independently and against the will of parents. He not only never cover them with glory, but even inclined to hide their relationship from the famous Mironova and Menaker. Only fellow Andrew knew it.

Once in Baku on the set of "Brilliant hands" the whole film group was invited to visit the local drama theater actors and made it an evening. Everyone sat at the table, and suddenly rises Yuri Nikulin and solemnly says:

- Comrades! You all know that there are such wonderful actors - Mironov Menaker. So here there is ( Mironov all green, paused em>) ... Artist Anatoly Papanov for whom I raise this glass!

Mironov Nikulin showed a fist, and Baku actors could not understand why Muscovites so laugh ...

Andrei Mironov and Alexander Shirvindt.

Mironov on tour in Odessa, the beginning of the 80s.

Hostage obrazaV conscious mass audience Mironov has always been a comic actor, although he had the opportunity to play and dramatic film roles. Thus, the director Marlene Hutsiev invited him in the film "The July rain", but he himself finally rejected Mironov's candidacy. The director asked the actor to say only one phrase that says the protagonist of the film in a tragic moment: "And then I want a woman who would understand me ..." Behind this phrase was, apparently, be the tragedy of loneliness and so on, but Andrew Mironov decided and then skhohmit and inimitable expression said:

- And then I want a woman!

At the same moment all roared with laughter, so that phrase sounded ambiguous. And Marlene Hutsiev once said, "No!»

With daughter Masha Mironova.

Pathological chistoplotnostAndrey Mironov was pathologically clean person. One father's company gave him for his birthday live pig. It is this pig immediately thrust into the bath and washed her, soaps ... For two days she lived in a tub, while Andrew where it is not rubbed. And he washed several times a day.

Stills from "Be My Husband" 1981

Andrei Mironov as Klaverova in the play "Shadow».

Are you chew? Vasily Livanov decided to somehow make fun of Mironov. He called his birthday, March 8, and said that he should immediately go to the "Mosfilm" for shooting, as the entire company waits. Mironov believed and rushed to the studio, but he did not let security, as the day was a holiday and a day off. Mironov planned vengeance, and soon realized it. One day he seems to be inadvertently collided with Livanov at the studio and at the same time something was chewing with relish.

- Are you chew? - Said Livanov hungry.

- Chocolate - said Mironov. - From Switzerland brought, great taste ...

- Let me - asked Livanov.

Mironov reached into his pocket, pulled out a piece of previously stockpiled brown tiles and handed Livanov. He stuffed the tiles in his mouth and almost broke a tooth. "Swiss chocolate" was an ordinary wax.

Still from the film "The Tale of wanderings" 1983

Last August dni14 Mironov played on the stage of the Riga Opera Theatre in the play "The Marriage of Figaro." The performance began on time and smoothly moved to act 3, 5 pictures, the last event. Then the unexpected happened: Figaro by Mironov, lost consciousness and did not finish the last scene. Actors immediately called an ambulance. Emotionless actor put on a stretcher and taken to the city hospital. Two days doctors struggled for life Mironov, but medicine was powerless. On the morning of August 16 Mironov died of a massive brain hemorrhage.

Quotes actor
You must try to do everything well: bad it itself will turn out. We should especially appreciate the moments of happiness and joy - they make men good. Treat acting work as a pleasant pastime can only be a misunderstanding. Any actor should feel a sense of white envy, if he's a real actor. Otherwise - self-admiration, and is death. The popularity only initially seems destiny, then often it is ironic that the time support the press, radio, television and fervor especially devoted admirers. When a person smiles, laughs, delighted or compassion, it becomes clearer and better. I can not say that I was incredibly happy with every minute of life, and that I always want to ride and have fun, but nevertheless I an optimist. Website using the site materials



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