Heroic deed this guy saved the life of a small child

Kazan serviceman Alexey Vasiliev was walking home after the service, when he noticed a commotion near one of the apartment buildings. Coming closer, he saw a little girl that hung down from the lattice balconies on the 6th floor. The young man immediately rushed to the house and managed to catch the baby began to fall three years. Arrived medical team did not find the child no serious damage.

Leaders of the military unit of the deed of Alexei learned just a week later. The soldier turned to the clinic complaining of pain in his hand, and it turned out that he had a fractured when saving the girl.

"At my place, any man would have done the same. Injuries did not I felt only slight pain, which did not attach much importance ", - he said.

For the salvation of the military commander of the girls decided to submit Alexey Vasiliev The medal "For courage in the name of salvationĀ».

According to the materials: kp, prokazan

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