How does a cup of coffee around the world

Imagine the unique aroma of freshly brewed coffee - is not enough words to describe this wonderful drink. Morning million people around the world begins with a refreshing cup of coffee. And each country has its own secrets of cooking.

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Egg coffee (Vietnam)

The basis of the recipe - egg yolk, condensed milk, sugar and hot coffee.

Coffee Lapland (Finland) 71,205,320

The cup is first placed leipäjuusto, then poured coffee.

Espresso and Latin (Italy)

Espresso with a slice of lemon, and lemon before consumption need to "flatten" the spoon on the wall or bottom of the cup.

Lagrima (Argentina) 32,183,445

The milk foam is added a few drops of strong coffee. Simply put, it's more milk with coffee.

Bonbon (Spain)

This is an espresso with condensed milk. And if half the usual mix milk with half the condensed milk, will leche y leche.

Coffee with spices (Morocco)

A mixture of spices such as sesame seeds, black pepper and nutmeg with coffee beans are ground, and it turns out ... a really strong drink.

Coffee and tea (Hong Kong) 77,909,320

Mix coffee and tea with milk is impressive from the first sip! You will need 4 bags of black tea, pepper, evaporated milk and 2 shots of coffee.

Frappe (Greece)

Coffee, ice cream, condensed milk and ice water - are the ingredients delicious frappé.

Pharisee (Germany)

Touba (Senegal) 77,561,497

During roasting the coffee beans are added to the Guinean pepper. The drink is brewed as a normal filter coffee.

Coffee with garlic and honey (Turkey)

A popular drink in Turkey. This coffee is also called "the old recipe Moor».

Coffee with orange (Jamaica) 66,528,212

Jamaica is primarily associated with rum. Not surprisingly, traditional Jamaican coffee is prepared by adding to it the strong alcoholic drink.

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