35 gifts that your children will never forget

In an era of consumption in modern children a lot of toys, so surprise them with adults than ever are getting harder and harder. However, much more important for the children that do not buy in any department store.

Website published an article about what gifts the parents really should teach your child. And how many of them gave you?

Just one word of encouragement can motivate for new achievements. Let children know how much you appreciate them. And do not forget to remind them about it. Hugs and kisses.
One father said to his 7-year-old son that he was too big for kissing. But children are so important parental love and warm embrace! Remember that, no matter how adult was your child is never too late to hug or kiss him and thus express all your love. Lunch and dinner with the whole family.
Joint lunch and dinner - it's a great opportunity to meet with the family to discuss the previous day, or plans for the future. So great that a family that eats together, and develop together. Sense of humor.
Take time to laugh with children - such quality as humorous, yet no one stopped. The ability to notice the beauty.
Help your child to find the beauty in all that he sees, and in each he meets. The possibility of making mistakes.
Children are children, and lend themselves to unrestrained merriment, which, however, requires your patience of remarkable. Give them some space, where they will be able to experiment, explore and make mistakes. Strong family.
Strong family becomes the foundation on which children build the rest of his life. They should always be able to get support and understanding, so try as much as possible to keep it intact. The desire to achieve more.
Encourage your child's ambitious desires. This will allow him to achieve much - perhaps even more than you could imagine. Time.
Time - the only gift you will never be able to pick up or return back. And this is one of the most valuable gifts you can give your child. Note.
It would seem simple, but such a necessary thing! Be there, do not miss moments. The ability to show compassion.
Unfortunately, life is often unfair. And when this happens, and teach a child not to stand aside and help to those who need it. The ability to appreciate.
One of the best gifts you can give your child - to appreciate what he has, but do not dwell on who he is. Curiosity.
Teach your children to ask questions and be curious. "Stop asking so many questions!" - Words that should never fly from your mouth. Decisiveness.
The ability to achieve success helps show determination, and this requires willpower. Discipline.
Children need to learn a lot of things: how to behave, to get along with others, to achieve the goals, fulfill desires. Of course, education can not do without discipline, but do not make it to the prohibitions and try to express in a positive and useful manner. Promotion.
Words have tremendous power. Simple words that you say every day your child can both support and force him to despair. So choose them carefully. The desire to create.
With the advent of the Internet to create and learn something new, it has become much easier. Encourage a child's creativity, because the world so we need people who are capable of creating something new. generosity.
Teach your child to be generous with your things now, so that later he was generous and with their own. Spirituality.
Faith elevates our understanding of the universe, our world and life. It would be great to encourage children to realize that they do not consist merely of flesh and blood, but of mind, heart, soul and will. And that the decisions taken by them in life, must be based not only on what you need flesh and blood. Honesty.
Children who have a child learn to be honest, have more opportunities to be in the same honest adults. Besides honest people tend to feel better, enjoy life more, and - perhaps most importantly - good sleep at night. Hope.
Hope gives strength, endurance and determination forms. Even in difficult times and moments of despair it helps us move forward. Imagination.
The main thing that we learned over the last 20 years: a life changing faster and faster every day, and tomorrow is not like today. And create this new world are the people who know how to turn on the imagination. Awareness.
Children, of course, important and responsible task that requires a high degree of awareness. Decide who you are and what you want, what you wish to achieve. And be sure to teach it to your children. Thirst for knowledge.
The passion for knowledge is different from the rote learning in school in order to receive the certificate. She instilled in the family. So read, ask questions, analyze and question with the children. nature.
Children who learn to appreciate the world around, and then take care of it. We often ask their children to observe cleanliness and order in the house. Why do not you teach your children to observe cleanliness and order, and also outside the home? The ability to try something new.
Children should have the opportunity to try new things, to see what they like and what they can do. And, contrary to popular belief, it does not require a lot of money. optimism.
Pessimists do not change the world. It makes optimists. The ability to proud victories.
Celebrate the small events in life. In the end, these small achievements over the years have become more important. The desire for peace around.
Perhaps, on a global scale is not in our power. But why not start to be in the world simply with others? self-assessment.
Children who learn to appreciate themselves, tend to be more self-confident, have self-esteem and self-respect. As a result, they become adults with their own values ​​they hold. uniqueness.
Our differences make us special. Help your child to reach their potential and demonstrate with pride the world what he can appreciate. Sitting on your lap.
This is the best place in the world for reading books, stories and simple chatter. Fireside.
Know that you are loved home and waiting - one of the most rewarding and inspiring things in life. Does your house warm your baby? Loyalty to your husband (wife).
Fidelity in marriage - this behavior is not only our bodies, but the action of the eye, the mind, heart and soul. And, yes, the children notice and very thin feel such things. Love.
And how without it?

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