3-year-old girl died 3 months after the diagnosis. But her heart continues to beat!

Three-year Olivia Swedberg from Nebraska was diagnosed. She found an incurable brain tumor - glioma diffuse (DIPG). In fact, it was the sentence for the girls, because there has never been a survivor with a disease. Even chemotherapy or surgery can do nothing in this case. For parents, this news was a real shock.

However, a little recovered from the shock of Olivia's father and mother decided to make the rest of the life of her daughter how to be more interesting and bright. Among other entertainment girl was taken to the multi-day excursion to the famous Walt Disney World, where it really felt like a fairy tale.


When Olivia to live a little, her mother received an email from Jessica Goller from Pittsburgh. It turned out that her son Lucas has a serious illness. The child suffers from a rare congenital disease - Biliary atresia. But in the case of Lucas there is hope for recovery and can save a liver transplant.


Time to search for a donor was very little, my mother and Lucas knew that her request could be perceived as an insult to the parents of Olivia. But the couple Svedberg weigh the pros and cons and decided to give consent to the use of little girl after her death. After all, little Olivia nothing can revive, but it may save someone's life.


When the girl's condition became critical, she was sent to the hospital. Doctors have two days to prepare Olivia organ harvesting. And when the baby did not become immediately a few people have a chance at the real miracle.


Lukas Goller received a new liver. And even though the transplant did not give the assurance that the boy will recover, everything went perfectly. The child went to the amendment, and now the terrible disease is perceived as a nightmare. Family Goller eternally grateful parents of Olivia, because they saved their son.


Loressa Svedberg said, looking to recover Lucas them with her husband is much easier to put up with the loss of little girl. «When I look into the eyes of this boy, I see in it Olivia. I think that part of the soul of our daughter moved to Lucas. And now in his chest beats the heart of our beloved girl ». I>


The boy from Pittsburgh was not the only one who got the bodies of Olivia. For example, a 4-year-old Angelo Giorno short bowel syndrome patients, and part of the intestine to help girls overcome this illness. Although the disease is not fatal, the operation saved the boy from the torment.


Olivia's parents are still grieving the loss of much loved girl. But their heart warms that their daughter even after his death could save other lives.


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