How will behave representatives of different zodiac signs on a desert island ...

Oh, those stars! And now I'm not about favorite actors or musicians, but they are also occasionally can be very surprising. I have about astrology. A huge number of people around the world every day claims that astrology - it's nonsense that never comes true and the like. But we still regularly read horoscopes. Just a man will always be wondering what awaits him in the future. People can tell, they do not believe in the ability to tell fortunes and fortune-tellers, but in the evening once again include the "Battle of the psychics." Just we are drawn to something mysterious and unknown and it can not do anything. Today, the editors have decided to talk about how to behave representatives of different zodiac signs on a desert island.


Even in such a situation, Aries will not temper his organizational talent. They were the first to hold a conversation that all need to work together. As the leader of Aries without much hesitation asked to choose yourself. And believe me, at this point in their head already developed a good plan of action.


Stubborn Taurus seize upon an idea and will try to implement it before the end. For example, they can begin to build a raft. And despite the fact that the work will move forward very slowly, Taurus will not be satisfied. Moreover, if the Taurus hear that all the saved, but at this point the raft will not be finished, it is more upset ...


But who will get pleasure from all that is happening - it's twins. In fact, somewhere deep down they have long dreamed of such an adventure. So breathe in the sea air deeply and enjoy the change of the situation!


Representatives of this sign will provide all the great food. Cancer immediately sent someone to look for fruits, and someone to fish (not the one that zodiac sign, and one that is in the sea). And of course, cancer will remain at the fire, and will personally prepare everything that will be able to get. In general, companies with Cancer of hunger just do not die!


On the island of Lions will try to provide at least some comfort. Adventure Adventure, and the king of beasts reluctant to sleep on the sand under the open sky. However, it is worth noting that the lion will take care not only about themselves, well, that is a large tent and build for all!


Virgin in any case will not hope for a speedy recovery. Such is the nature of ... Once on a desert island, Virgin will think about all at once, because the certainty that they were rescued, no. Therefore, in the mind of Dev will arise thoughts about accommodation, food, protection against insects and possibly wildlife.


Here's who will not let the team fall spirit. Libra will entertain everyone, they all greatly enjoy this adventure. Sitting around the campfire in the evening, people will forget where they are, because after sparkling jokes told by Libra, think only about how not torn stomach!


These people first try to analyze how is it that so disturbed the cosmic balance, and they got to the island. Even try something to do with it (what, known only by the Scorpions). But it is nice to be able to support the Scorpions all fellow sufferers, both morally and physically.


Sagittarians never lose heart. Even in the most critical situation, they believe that they will save. If necessary, they will even be able to convince everyone that it is only a dream, and no island is actually not, but if there is, very soon, by some miracle all will be home ...


That's who just do not fall into panic, it's Capricorns. They organize a group that examines the island, and will as soon as possible to give an objective outlook, is it possible to survive on this island, and what you need to do!


Aquarians are disappointed that they suddenly had to be away from home. They will offer a variety of ideas on how to return home until the establishment of an aircraft made of bamboo, which will raise the butterflies in the air ... In fact, the best generators of ideas for the solution of any problem would be difficult to find.


Representatives of this sign do not like uncertainty, so the longer they will stay on the island, the less satisfaction they will get from it. Pisces really want to get out. Night after night they would sit by the signal fire, and in the afternoon to look out for ships at sea. Here they do not like to spend time away from home ...

Here's what the stars say, what sensations await the representatives of different zodiac signs on a desert island. If you liked this horoscope, you will certainly share it with their friends or acquaintances, let also learn about yourself something new.



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