Russia through the eyes of an English photographer

Roberts Simon (Simon Roberts) - a photographer from England. In 2004-2005 he traveled to Russia and created an interesting series of photographs entitled "Homeland." The author of these images says that a child was struck by Russia, mainly because of its size. As a child, he had a map that was hanging on the wall, and Russia on the map takes a good half of the total space. Children's imagination was always drawing something unusual, fantastic and fabulous, what is happening on these vast territories. Russia has always been and remains a mystery to the world, why he was so anxious to get here and see everything with your own eyes.

In Russia Simon Roberts traveled more than a year, starting from July 2004 and ending August 2005. During this time he has visited more than 200 different cities, towns and villages almost throughout the country. The photographer said he was impressed by what turned out to Russia in fact. Those cliches that hang on this great country western media turned out fundamentally wrong. He was struck by not only the spaces, but also people who are interested in its simplicity, openness, sincerity and kindness. Residents of Russia Englishman seemed full of optimism and love for their country. A series of photos about traveling in Russia was published in book form and was published in 2007. The book was nominated for Arles Contemporary Book Award and is recognized as one of the best at the annual photo contest PHotoEspana.


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