The first baby to friends


Accessories for the baby, as a rule, Mommy buys long before it arrives. This occurs even at the time of collection bags, which are sent to labor. But if diapers, undershirts, socks, Scratchy and disposable diapers take to the hospital at once (buy it all offers a website ), the others remain at home if purchased at all. It is about:
  • сосках;
  • бутылочках;
  • пустышках.
Первые Friends baby
Undoubtedly, the best friend for a baby is its mother. She knows all about it and is actively exploring its behavior. But over time, he develops new friends, girlfriends - nipples, pacifiers and bottles.

For the first time a child can give the bottle back in the hospital: many hospitals newborns feeding practices used mixtures of glucose and, through bottle give boiled waters. But this practice has fans and opponents, who argue that the infant is enough colostrum.
Sooner or later the baby to get acquainted with a pacifier - through her give him tea, juice, milk, gruel, nutrient mixture. For different purposes is different bottles for newborns buy ( offers a range of accessory).

Choosing the right

For young children, there is the small size of the bottle with graduations, which facilitate the dosage of the product. For older kids is offered a bottle with a handle which is comfortable to hold the product during use. Besides the size of the bottle, and it is important to choose the nipple, which may be large and small. Form nipples is also important - the traditional round for a drink some water, juice, tea, but not suitable for feeding. For these purposes, you should choose a product with a beveled end, is no pressure on the palate and allows him to correctly formed. Orthodontic nipple will not spoil the bite, but satisfies the need to neonatal sucking. Together with a bottle can be packaged and brush for cleaning, but if it is not, it is necessary to buy separately.

Choosing a pacifier, it should take into account the size of the nipples, as well as the value of the plastic circle: sometimes it is a small child, and shove it into his mouth upside down. For older children will come in handy plastic chains, which are attached to clothing. This simple device will not drop a pacifier and dirty it. This is an additional guarantee of the purity of the product and, consequently, the health of the toddler. The chain will also lose a beloved friend, that is the true tragedy for the child.



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