How to heat the room at no cost: an ingenious method used by many.

Soon will come the cold and the need to heat their homes. Since the price of electricity and its permanent shutdown is not happy, you need to be prepared for room heating alternative methods. We have prepared for you a great technique that allows you to quickly create heat in the house without the expense. We need to try to say the winter will be cold this year.

List of Materials:

2 clay pots; 1 long bolt; 2 nuts; 3 goals; 3 bricks ; candles (or alcohol burner); plate. 1. First drill a hole in the pot. Insert a bolt with a washer in it.

2. Put a washer onto the bolt. Tighten the nuts. Top attach another washer.

3. Put the pot inside another pot smaller. Fix it washer and nut.

4. Light the candle. Set them on a plate between the bricks.

5. Put the pots upside down on the bricks and wait a bit. Soon it will be warm!

More details can be seen in the video.

Pots outside temperature can reach 65-70 ° C, and even in more than 250 ° C.

"Including" a heater and a couple of hours in the room will be warm.

Now you do not need expensive heaters. Take advantage of this ingenious method, and also shared the idea with your friends!



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