This biker is not like the others. That's what he did with the cat, which saved!

32-year-old Pat Doody as a true biker loves independence and freedom. And he can not live without traveling, and all sorts of adventures. Could he foresee that some small animal to help him to see the other side to the uncharacteristic still attached to someone? During his wanderings man rescued a kitten and now can not even imagine my life without little friend. A cat after all as lucky and he was alive, and had the opportunity to travel on steep host countries.

Who's to say that all bikers are cruel?

Doody met his new friend on the way from California to Nevada.

« I was returning from the Motor Show« Born Free ». Stopping at a gas station saw this poor. He clearly needed help i> ». B>

« The kitten was covered in burns, i>».

« I took a cat to the vet. A few days later saffron went on the mend. During this short period of time I got so used to the small animal that can no longer imagine life without it, i> ». B>

« Now the cat travels with me. When we are on the way, he was just sitting in my waistcoat. I like his calm i> ». B>

Dudi called my friend rave Cat purring. Another name he just would not come. B>

And not Doody severe as it seems at first sight.

I respect people who save innocent animals. Doody gave a great example of kindness. If you liked the story of a biker-rescuers, share it with your friends.



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