12 answers to the most common questions about modern aircraft.

Civil aviation - it is a complex area in which is not so easy to understand. Of course, to understand all the features of the world of aircraft is sometimes quite difficult, but some of the questions we will try to answer. After all, even those who regularly use this kind of transport, still can not understand everything that happens on board the aircraft.

So editors invites you to find out the answers to common questions that arise from the passengers. After all, these strange signs, signs and expressions you need a little clarification. That's what we try to do now ...

The plane crash when I turn the phone?
In general, no. Just flew at that altitude and at such a rate, you need to be more careful. Theoretically phone may slightly affect the equipment in an airplane, whereby the pilots, for example, can not hear some important information. Therefore it is better to turn off the phone. Some companies are even going to cancel the ban, but while he still remains in force.


The toilet of the aircraft is forbidden to smoke, but there is an ashtray. Where is the logic? B>
Well, not all people are conscious. And crew to keep track of all still can not. Therefore, ashtrays installed for security purposes. That is, if we smoke in the toilet, it is best to put out the bull in the ashtray than a basket full of paper ...


Pilots eat the same things and the passengers?
Pilots receive separate food, with even separately for each of them. This is done in the case of some of the products will be spoiled. If one pilot becomes ill, then the second will be all right. Well, what happens is extremely rare.


A swaying while flying wings can break?
The wings of the aircraft is extremely strong, but it is incredibly flexible. They can be bent almost 45 degrees, and they still remain intact, so it certainly can not worry.


The content of the toilet on the plane crashes down?
The plane has a special tank, which collects all that leave passengers in the toilet. He emptied on the ground. So the association of our people used to travel on trains and railroad tracks to see if the pedal is pressed, do not work here.


What's my dog ​​in the cargo area?
It is not quite in the luggage compartment. Animals are transported in a special compartment, where there is a ventilation and heating, otherwise they would have flown far, at least, alive. Of course, even in economy class it would be much easier, but what can you do ...


Cruise himself to land the plane?
Absolutely he will not. Autopilots Even the most modern aircraft without the help of people they do not go to jail. There need to be at least coordinated work of the airport, which then has to be specially equipped. And the pilots also need a number of actions with a single click will not do ...


Can I ask the additive on the plane?
Can. Take on board additional lunches in case of an emergency situation (turned some food, for example) or too hungry passengers. By the way, if you did not know, and you're wondering, the container in which you bring food on the plane, called cassole. This is so for the overall development ...


Why raise back, curtain and table when taking off or declining?
That's all you need to do in order to the same security. Raised back will leave more space rear passengers in the event of an emergency. If you do not lift the table, during heavy braking and you can afford to break a rib. Raised curtains help navigate in the case of smoke ...


What happens if a door opened in flight?
Nothing good. But this is practically impossible. Not only that, it held special electronic and mechanical locks, so also the pressure difference helps ...


How deep you can fall into an air pocket?
We agree that the turbulence is not the most pleasant thing in life. But here you greatly deceiving your own body. Most often in such cases, the plane moves less than a meter, while your vestibular system, which is not fit to fly, deceive you, and you feel as if the machine falls.


What happens if caught for having sex in the bathroom?
By and large - nothing. Both of you will be uncomfortable, you are asked to do so no longer. In any case, be aware that if the cabinet does not open more than 15 minutes, the employee has the right to open it from the outside, and check that everything was in order.


So, now you know about the aircraft much more. Finally I want to wish everyone a safe flight and soft landing. And if you like our stuff, you will certainly share it with your friends and acquaintances!

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