10 Simple and trendy hairstyles for long hair

In cold weather, so I want to stay longer in bed and time for laying is not always enough. Website to help you find the most stylish, simple and versatile hairstyles that will help to create an incredibly attractive images. Perhaps the need to tinker a bit with only a few of them, but let them stay for a special occasion.

Wave idet

Careless and light waves, as always, remain at the peak of popularity. Create a packing in two ways: using the styler hair straightening, and if the braid hair in a neat bun, hair dryer to dry and leave for about an hour. These result in bohemian air waves, which are worth to fix the varnish.

Marine uzel

Slightly nacheshite hair twist into a knot and secure with pins or a beautiful hairpin. Done!

On the lower starte

The maximum low ponytail can be fixed as in the neck, and almost at the very end - the choice is yours.

Wet pryadi

Another simple and fast installation: select the gel a few strands of hair or roots. It seems that the trends of the 90's can seriously go back.

View szadi

Twist the strands of two thin side, fasten at the back - school "Malvinka" ready. Alternatively, you can braid pigtail.


Tired of the usual styling? Just change the middle and slightly tighten varnish - laying to one side as is relevant and allows a little freshen up the image.


Double or asymmetrical, smooth or disheveled, famously braided or very simple - this autumn welcome any queues.

Victorian epoha

Volume and bold hairstyles option - laying using wave or ripple, small-small rings. Please note you will be provided!


This fall will be relevant as a slightly thinned bangs, and "false", the side of a long strand attached behind the ear or on top.

Focus on aksessuarah

Even the most simple hair immediately becomes elegant and unusual with accessories, matched to your image.

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