Fact of the day: Algerian after the wedding for the first time saw a woman without make-up on her and filed a lawsuit for fraud

Anecdotally, but something instructive news came to us from the Algerian press. The next morning after the wedding, he saw his wife without make-up, an Algerian so it did not recognize that he took the girl by the robber who climbed into their apartments. When the man recovered from the shock, he realized that it makes no sense to spoil the best years of my wife and myself - the rest of his life. And on the same day filed for divorce.

Of course, before the wedding, the couple met actively, and the young man found his chosen one, if not quite, it is quite attractive, in order to make her an offer. In addition to the divorce court Algerian demanded 20 thousand dollars in compensation for moral damages.

via www.maximonline.ru/news/2015-08-10/2437/


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