Miracle of Life: 18 photo-facts about what you had before the birth

The site offers you the work of the photographer Lennart Nelson. Nelson became famous throughout the world because of its photobook under «A Child is Born», who saw the world in 1965. He managed to film the development of the embryo managed using a cystoscope - a medical device, which examine the bladder from the inside. < 1. The sperm in the fallopian tube moves toward the egg.

2. The egg.

3. fateful meeting.

4. One of the 200 million sperm his father broke the egg shell.

5. in the context of sperm. The head contains all the genetic material.

6. A week embryo, sliding down the fallopian tube, moves into the uterus.

7. A week later the embryo attaches to the endometrium.

8. 22 day of embryo development. The gray matter - the brain is the future.

9. On the 18th day of the embryo begins to pulsate heart.

10. 28th day after fertilization.

11. 5 weeks, the length of 9 mm, have guessed the face with holes for mouth, nostrils and eyes.

12. 8 weeks.

13. 10 weeks. Eyelids are already half open.

14. 16 weeks.

15. is visible through the thin skin of a network of blood vessels.

16. 18 weeks. The fetus can perceive sounds from the outside world.

17. 20 weeks. Height about 20 cm.

18. 36 weeks. A month later, the baby will be born.

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